Dear Parents and Students,


Thank you for taking the time to visit my page!


QUICK! Grab a book! All students must have reading material(s) with them in all classes. This initiative comes from Mr. Crawford. Research shows that students who spend 20 or more minutes a day reading will grow academically at an exponential pace. (I will attempt to find an article for reference.)


I have posted my syllabi; please see the links in the main menu to the left. Once you have read the syllubus for your class, click on my email link to establish a sure connect in the e-world via email. (I will be able to save your email to parent contacts.


I am learning how to multitask and will be adding more to the blog soon.


This week math students are learning math vocabulary and showing me their skills on the Scholastic Math Inventory and a word problem pre-test. The study skills class will be reading a book together and will take a learning style inventory online. ELA students will be journaling, will take the Scholastic Reading Inventory, and will begin their textbook work soon.






Welcome Back to Awtrey Middle School!



This year marks a new beginning for me. I am a new teacher at Awtrey, but I am not new to teaching. I am priviledged to be teaching and co-teaching Math 7, Study Skills, and ELA 8.


My syllabi will be posted as soon as they are approved!


Please send a writing utensil and a coposition book this week. Students will ALWAYS need their agenda in class as well. The rest of the supplies on the list may be sent on or after Wednesday (August 2nd); lockers will be available at this time.


I look forward to working with your student(s), and I encourage you to contact me with any questions.


Thank you,


Robin Gant