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Homeroom:  6th Grade 

  Period 1, 2, 4, 5:    6th Grade Language Arts 


  Period 3:    6th Grade Study Skills 

        Please note the changes to the Study Skills Syllabus


 Special Note Regarding Grading Policy:


Effective immediately, I am implementing a new grading policy. If your student has work to be submitted in for grading, it must be in my possession when I grade and enter the grades into Synergy. If the work is not in my stack to be graded, when I grade other work from the assignment, I will be entering a zero (0) to my grade sheet and into the system. The zero will remain until I receive completed work. 


      This is a method used by several other teachers in 6th grade and across the building that seems to work well. Our system calculates numbers, but not blanks and thereby reflects as a non-realistic number as a result. It will also save me from chasing down work from students as I look to close out my grades for the 6 weeks.


     If you have questions, please do not hesitate to email me. 



April Dates to Know


6th Grade Field Trip (for those signed up) 

Tuesday, April 24,2018



If you have any questions, please contact me at



Special Notes or Links to Videos and PPTs:


The Westing Game: We began our new novel study to close out the year on Tuesday, April 17. Students will work with the book in class, but will not be allowed to take books from the classroom. Should you wish to purchase or borrow the book for your child to have access at home, it is a readily available title at bookstores, online, and the library. There is also an online link as well as an audio link available if you check "Textbook Links" to the left.



Milestones Parent and Student Guide: