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Spanish 1

Field Trip on April 26 to an authentic Colombian restaurant....(A special thanks to each student who has completed Spanish 1!  They have been wonderful and I am very proud of them!!!!) Each student has been given a form with an envelope, but just in case, here is the form :)  Parents/Guardians are welcome!

 Spanish Columbia Field Trip Slip.docx 


 Spanish 1 Syllabus.doc 


On Tuesdays, we are usually in the LAB doing VHL Central activities which are 11:59pm on the Due date, with "leftover time" spent on Wordplay and/or Quia... Please check the date and if you work ahead, make sure you do them in the correct order....check the DUE DATE....don't work too far ahead because sometime your work may be based on completion but most often it will be on the grade you got.  To view Episodes of SAM (that you might have missed)  If clicking on it doesn't work, copy and paste


SKIT or Song is due April 25th...You have plenty of time in class...use the time wisely! Skit people remember (as with everything) your whole skit has to be in your notebook! and song people you each need to have the song to practice with the lyrics!

Rubrics attached Skit rubric.JPG  Song rubric.JPG  (You need to do this at least 10 minutes 4 times/week) You need to complete every lesson 100% with 20% retention (to get your retention, you need to review every two or three days....remember, it will not let you "cram" the day before :) )

        Due dates: Jan 22 Describing People 2

                           Feb 5 School 1

                           March 5 Eating 1

                           March 26 Clothing

                           April 23 Eating 2

                           May 14  The House 1

Remember:  If you finished with a 90% at the end of 1st semester, had an A on the Midterm, and all A's on all previous Wordplay assignments, you do not need to do long as you continue getting A's on everything 2nd semester... You will be reading Pobre Ana

To improve on a Wordplay score (if you didn't do 100% completion-20% retention by due need to do 100% completion and 30% retention by May 15)   for verbs and vocab (Don't forget to select Spanish first) Practice the Spanish National Exam