We have our HISTORY OF AFRICA UNIT TEST on Thursday, 2/15/18. Make sure you have your study guide completely answered/corrected. All students had Monday and Tuesday to work on their study guides, and answers were given to all students today (Tuesday) during the last part of class. If you are missing any answers, please access the key.

 Review for African History answers 2-2018.doc 

Remember, tests comprise 70% of students' grades. You need to study every night!

We will have review stations during class on Wednesday to practice what we know. Your effort and time will pay off with a high grade on the test!



We have 2 graded assignments/assessments on Friday, 2/9/18!


are continuing to learn about the history of Africa. The quiz on Friday, 2/9 will be about European Colonization of Africa. Students need to review the following 3 worksheets from their binders.

1. Colonization of Africa reading (with text marked):

   - 20180205_114152.jpg (front)

   - 20180205_114225.jpg (back)

2. Colonization of Africa questions and answers:

   - Colonization of Africa.pdf (front 1-19)

   - Colonialism of Africa key.pdf (back, rdg and answers)

3.  Africa's Path to Independence

   -  Afr Freedom and Ind KEY.pdf (front side)

   -  Africa Year of Ind KEY.pdf (back side)


Students have been working on their political cartoons relating to Africa's history. Their rubric is on the back of their political cartoon. These are due for a grade on Friday, 2/9/18. Please make sure they are in by the due date as this is worth the same as a quiz grade!

 Af Pol Cartoon and rubric.pdf 



We are continuing to work on the history of Africa. Keys will be uploaded tomorrow for this week's assignments. Today we looked at political cartoons and their meanings. If you missed today, or want to review the political cartoons, check out our powerpoint.

 Political Cartoons samples.pptx 



Last week we learned about Africa's history, specifically the African slave trade. We read about it, looked at diagrams of the slave ships, learned about statistics, answered questions, and watched videos, including a documentary about the Amistad. This week we will have a quiz about the slave trade. Students should review their answers on the following worksheets and refer back to their readings. This is the information we will have a quiz on this Friday, 2/2/18. Please refer to the keys below to aid in studying.

-Worksheet #1 (front side): Slave Trade text-01302018154106.pdf 

 Worksheet #1 (back side): Slave ship diagram wkst-01302018154204.pdf 

-Worksheet #2 (note: I put front and back on one page):

  Slave trade math and 4 questions-01302018154307.pdf 

-Worksheet #4:  Slave ship Video wkst-01302018154406.pdf 


You can also study by playing games on www.reviewgamezone.com using Game ID#29333.


This week we have continued learning about Africa's history and how European colonization affected Africa. We will also learn about political cartoons and students will have another graded assignment on creation of their own political cartoon.




Today students continued working on their African Culture and Religion worksheet. Students began this worksheet on Tuesday, 1/16. They had time in class today to work on it and turn it in for a grade. If you didn't complete it in class, you must finish it as homework and turn in for a grade at the beginning of class tomorrow. 

 African Culture and Religion wkst.pdf 

Students were to use their Reading Study Guide to find the answers to the specific questions. Please note which number questions you are to answer and do the reading for that particular question. All answers should be in complete sentences.



We will have a quiz this Friday, 1/26 on Africa's environmental issues. Refer to the reading on the environmental issues by countries (Africa Env Issues reading.pdf) and the cornell notes with it (Africa Env Issues Notes KEY.pdf). This assignment was started on 1/12 and should have been finished last Tuesday, 1/16.



We continued learning about the climate regions of Africa and the features located within. We read this whole group, modeled how to mark the text, and answered the comprehension questions by citing the text. Here is my key with an example on how to mark the text,  African Features-Regions.pdf.


Students should review this worksheet and yesterday's worksheet. 



We are continuing on Africa's physical features and regions. We completed and corrected our Geography worksheet. Access the key,  Africa Geo Wkst pg 1.pdf . The quiz will be comprised of questions about each of the climate regions of Africa:

-Sahara (arid desert)

-Sahel (semi-arid)

-Savanna (grassland)

-Tropical Rain Forest (wet, lush)






We are excited to begin 2018 with a bang! All students have a 100% right now as we are starting a new grading period. With this being the start of the new year as well, we encourage all students to stay on top of their studies and keep organized. We encouraged students to purge their materials from the Middle East unit. We are currently on the Africa unit. Students should have 4 worksheets in their Social Studies section of their binder. If students need any worksheets, see below for copies of the keys that were already completed. Students may not have completed #4 yet, as that will be done on Monday, 1/8/18, if not already.

               Africa Unit Table of Contents:

                  1. Africa Physical/Political Maps (#23), front side

                      Africa Thematic Maps (#24), back side

                  2. Africa Political Map (front side) & Physical Map (back)

                  3. Africa Geography Vocabulary

                  4. Africa Geography Worksheet (may not be completed yet)



Tomorrow is the quiz on the physical map of Africa.  Check out the key below to help you study OR click on Resources and Games and play the GameID#'s for physical maps. 


Students were to complete their Africa Geography Vocabulary. Students had class time on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to complete it. Students should also add pictures/illustrations and use the word in a sentence to aid in retention. That is just for them to help remember definitions, so pictures/illustrations just need to make sense to individual students. These words, definitions, illustrations, and sentences must be complete before coming to class on Monday.  Access the key with the words and their definitions here  Africa Geo Voc.pdf 

Remember - YOU must add pics and sentences!!!



Welcome back from your *snow* days!!!


We have been working on our introduction to Africa. Students completed an atlas activity giving exposure to Africa's countries, features, and resources. Access our key for the atlas activity (pg. 1 is the Political/Physical Maps, Activity #23, pg. 2 is the Thematic Maps, Activity #24).  Africa Atlas Activities.pdf 


We will have 2 quizzes this week on Africa's maps. Thursday, December 14th will be the political map quiz of Africa. Students need to identify:

-Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)  -Kenya

-Nigeria                                                     -South Africa

-Sudan                                                       -Egypt

-Tanzania                                                   -Ethiopia

-Zimbabwe                                                 -Somalia

Access a copy of my key in black and white - Africa Pol Map.pdf 


Access a picture of my colored in political map -  Africa Pol Map 2017-18.jpg 


Friday, December 15th will be the physical map quiz of Africa. Students need to identify:

-Mt. Kilimanjaro                                       -Atlas Mountains

-Lake Victoria                                          -Lake Tangyanika

-Nile River                                               -Niger River

-Congo River                                            -Kalahari Desert

-Great Rift Valley                                    -Sahara

-Sahel                                                      -Savanna

-Tropical Rain Forest (TRF)

Access a copy of my key in black and white -  Africa Phys Map.pdf 


Access a picture of my color-coded physical map -  Africa Phys Map 2017-18.jpg 


**Check out the 'Resources & Games' tab on the left menu bar to access game ID#'s to review for your upcoming quizzes.**




M.E. Government Quiz is tomorrow!!! Study for this using your Government worksheet,  Gov Wkst.pdf 





We have been working on our study guides since Tuesday. Students who had at least half of their study guide completed were able to collaborate with their peers to study. Those who didn't complete at least half, used their time to independently work on their study guide. We gave ALL students the answers to the study guide during the second part of class. At this point, anyone who was present in class should already have ALL answers completed for their study guides. If anyone is missing answers, they were either unprepared for class or were off task during going over the answers. We have attached they copy of our key of the Middle East Study Guide.

Middle East Study Guide KEY - ME Unit Benchmark Study Gd KEY.docx 


Study by playing review games on www.reviewgamezone.com, see the attached for ALL the game codes used this year.

 Middle East Review Game Zone ID codes.docx 





We hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving break! 


Mr. Klein and Mrs. Molloy planned today and made some needed changes to the schedule to ensure students have time to review and master the material before being tested. Therefore, today and tomorrow we will finish going over governments of the Middle East. There will be a quick quiz this Friday, December 1st on the governments of the Middle East. Review the worksheet that we started before Thanksgiving Break, Government Worksheet KEY = Gov Wkst.pdf .  We gave out a new worksheet today giving more details to what style of government each country holds. Both worksheets will be quizzed this Friday.



Tomorrow, we will give out a study guide to aid students in reviewing all material taught on the Middle East. Students will continue the study guide throughout the week. Students must study over the weekend to ensure success on this major test. We will have a review game day on Monday before the test. The cumulative test on the Middle East back to next week, Tuesday,   December 5. We hope this change will help students be as successful as possible as tests are averaged into the category of 70% of their grade. 





Students are having their quiz on Economics tomorrow. It will cover the economics vocabulary, major systems, specialization, division of labor, and OPEC. Students can check their knowledge by completing/redoing their crossword puzzle on economics. 

Voluntary Trade Reading, if students want to re-read the information for further understanding.  Voluntary Trade rdg.pdf   

Voluntary Trade Worksheet   Voluntary Trade wkst KEY.pdf 

Economics Crossword Puzzle   Economics Crossword Puzzle.pdf 




Students are continuing with the economics lesson. We have already gone over answers to the Specialization and Division of Labor worksheet, Trade Barriers worksheet, and Economics Understandings. The vocabulary and economics worksheets are going to be quizzed on Friday, 11/17.

-Specialization and Division of Labor  Specialization.pdf 

-Trade Barriers  Trade Barriers.pdf 

-Economic Understandings  Ec Understandings.pdf 


*Absent students need to make sure they have completed all their worksheets within 2 days of absence!


Study Tip:

Start studying for your comprehensive Middle East unit test early! It will be on the maps of the Middle East, culture, religion, geography, history, economics, and government (all information since the beginning of the year). Start NOW by compiling your work (old worksheets, maps, quizzes) and reviewing it nightly. You can also help by playing www.reviewgamezone.com using any of the codes from this year. The major MIDDLE EAST UNIT TEST will be on Thursday, 11/30!!!




Students are working on their Economics unit by completing vocabulary and comprehension questions. Please review these terms nightly.

 Economics Voc Ques.pdf 



Students have their M.E. HISTORY UNIT TEST on Wednesday, 11/8. Students were given a study guide last Thursday and were to complete it over the weekend. Today in class students participated in review stations: Jeopardy with Mr. Klein, independent station with keys of the study guide to correct answers, iPad review games, and BINGO with Mrs. Molloy. Students need to study tonight and tomorrow to ensure understanding as tests are averaged in the category of 70% of students' grades!!!! 

 ME History Unit KEY.pdf 



Attached is the answer key to the worksheets titled Israeli-Arab Conflict (front) and Impact of Oil and Middle East Wars (back) for the quiz tomorrow. Study tonight!


Israeli-Arab Conflict (front):

 israeli and arab conflicts key.docx 

Impact of Oil and Middle East Wars (back):

  middle east wars and oil impacts- key 2017.doc 



Students are finishing learning about wars and conflicts in the Middle East. Students will have a quick quiz on the wars this Friday, 11/3. Students - review your worksheet titled Israeli-Arab Conflict (front) and Impact of Oil and Middle East Wars (back) for the quiz.



We had students plan for the next 4 academic weeks of school. Parents - review your child's agenda and set up a schedule for how to prepare for the upcoming tests.






Conference Week - Early Release all week!



This is the first day of the second 9 week grading period. Start off on the right foot by studying your notes nightly. This will aid in being more successful and getting better grade in Social Studies!


We are teaching about the history of the Middle East and how partitioning of the M.E. has led to conflicts in the area. Review your vocabulary nightly! You will have a quiz on the vocab words on Thursday, 10/12/17.

                        Mandate                        Palestine

                        Janissary                       Suleiman I

                        Constantinople               Zionism

                        Law of Return                Secular

                        Trade off                      Ottoman Empire


We will begin talking about Suleiman I and the Ottoman Empire. Students will begin writing an obituary about Suleiman. This writing assignment will be due on Thursday, 10/12 for a grade. Should anyone require more time to work on it, plan ahead and do homework on Tuesday and Wednesday nights! You can read about it in your Reading Study Guide, p.134-135. You may also watch the video again by going to Cobb Virtual Library, go to BrainPOP, and type in The History of the Ottoman Empire




Make sure you are studying nightly for your test!


 ME Geo Study Gd KEY.pdf 





We are taking the test on the Geography of the Middle East unit on Thursday, October 5th. Tests are in the category of 70% of students' grades. It is imperative students study nightly as this is the last grade before report cards. Students were given study guides; they are to utilize their notes/worksheets from class and previous quizzes to find the answers. Keys for the worksheets and copies of the maps are located here on the blog below. We will go over answers to the study guide tomorrow. Wednesday will be review game day. Please be aware, if students are absent from class Wednesday for a field trip, they will still be required to take the test on Thursday. 

 ME Geo Unit Test Study Guide 2017-18 blank.docx 




We have finished our testing for CogAT and ITBS!!!! Due to the change of testing for Hurricane Irma, we adjusted our Social Studies schedule accordingly.


Last week we had the class split into groups and completed worksheets on the ethnic groups of the Middle East. This week we have started talking about the religious groups of the Middle East. We have given students two days to complete their religions vocabulary. This will be our quick quiz on Friday, 9/22. If your child has not completed their M.E. Religions Vocabulary, please have your child do so for homework tonight by following the link.  ME Religions Vocab.pdf 




We have been on a 'virtual tour' of the Middle East. Students are to use their notes on the Middle East to write a 'text' describing their journey to a friend or family member.

Here is the Powerpoint presentation, should students want to re-visit the Middle East.

 Middle East texting ppt 2017-18.ppt 




Tomorrow is our quiz on the vocabulary of geography of the Middle East.





We have been looking at the physical features and describing their location. This will affect where and how people live in the Middle East.





We hope you enjoyed watching the eclipse yesterday! 


We are working on the physical features of the Middle East and will have a quick quiz this Friday.


Physical Map of the Middle East (SW Asia):

-Euphrates River                          -Strait of Hormuz

-Tigris River                                 -Arabian Sea

-Jordan River                               -Red Sea

-Suez Canal                                  -Gaza Strip

-Persian Gulf                                -West Bank


 ME Physical Map.jpg 




Today we labeled our maps of the Middle East. This Friday we will have our first quick quiz over these countries. Please study nightly!


Political Map of the Middle East (SW Asia):







-Saudi Arabia





 Political Map Middle East.jpg 




We have given out our syllabus for Social Studies this year. Please assure you are keeping an organized Social Studies section in your binder with all handouts secured in the rings.

2017-18 Syllabus:  Klein-Molloy Syllabus 2017-18.doc 





Welcome to 7th grade Social Studies!


Welcome to 7th grade Social Studies!




You have two teachers, Mr. Klein and Mrs. Molloy.




Mr. Klein has been teaching for 18 years in Cobb County; he taught 4th grade at Hayes Elementary and 6th and 7th grade at Palmer Middle. He is originally from Buffalo, NY and is a huge Buffalo Bills fan, all over sports fan, coffee lover and aficionado of all things fried, especially wings! He has 3 kids: a 7th grader, 3rd grader, and a Kindergartener.




Mrs. Molloy has been teaching for 9 years in Cobb; she has taught every level in elementary school at Tritt Elementary as well as 6th and 7th grade Social Studies at Palmer. She specializes in teaching the standards in a variety of ways for different learning styles. She is originally from Georgia but grew up in Fort Lauderdale, FL. She loves the beach, pool, lake or any other water activities with her family. She has two kids: one Kindergarten and a 1 year old daughter.




We look forward to teaching this year. In  7th grade, we will cover the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia. For each unit, we will teach the geography, history, government, & economics.