About me:




My name is Ms. Gonzalez! I have a Master of Arts in Teaching Secondary Mathematics from Kennesaw State University (Go Owls!). I also have a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Albany State University (Go Rams!). In my "free time" I enjoy hanging out with my three sisters, and I love to read! I am very excited to start another year at Awtrey Middle School, and I can't wait to share my passion for math with all of my students! 


Email address: caitlin.gonzalez@cobbk12.org



We want to share a few friendly reminders before we go on our Dahlonega Field Trip on Friday, March 17. 

Students may begin arriving school at 6:30 am and should be dropped off in the school bus port.

Teachers will take roll on the bus at 6:50 amBuses will leave at 7:00 am, NO EXCEPTIONS!

After 7:00 am, there will not be anybody present to supervise children until 8:15 (when the school building is opened)

Dress Code: please wear school appropriate clothing, close toed shoes, and bring a jacket for the Amicalola Falls hike

Lunch is included and consists of 2-3 slices of either cheese or pepperoni pizza (student choice), a soft drink, and a dessert cake


If you child cannot or does not want to eat this lunch, then please provide a sack lunch (no coolers allowed)

Per the Bus company ~ Students may bring snacks for the bus:

MUST have their drinks in a plastic bottle with a lid

CANNOT include peanut or nut products

CANNOT have gum or small candies (Skittles, M&M’s, Nerds, etc)

Buses will be arriving back between 6:00-6:30 and parents should be at Awtrey NO LATER THAN 6:00 to pick up your child.

To pick up students, you will need to park in the front of the building. You will need to walk back to the bus port to meet and pick up your student.  We need to leave the bus port free to have room to unload the buses.

This field trip is an extension of the school day and students represent themselves, their teachers, and Awtrey Middle School.  Any behavior issues suffered on this field trip will be addressed upon return to Awtrey or through our administrator on the trip.



Extra help:

If your child needs additional math help, we offer three weekly math help sessions. Each session begins at 8:15am. The locations and days are as follows:


Monday in Mrs. Hazelip's room (A-2): On-Level Math 6 Focus

Wednesday in Ms. Gonzalez's room (A-3): On-Level Math 6 Focus

Wednesday in Mrs. Shepherd's room (A-6): Math 6/7 & Adv. Math Focus


Students may attend any help session if they wish; however, my session and Mrs. Hazelip's session will be focused on On-Level Math 6 classes, and Mrs. Shepherd's session will focus on Math6/7 and Advanced Math 6 classes.



Gonzalez's Wish List:


  • Tissues (One box left!)
  • Hand sanitizer (Two bottles left)
  • Paper Towels
  • Expo Markers
  • Colored Pencils
  • Crayons
  • Markers
  • Anything else you want to donate! I'll take it all :)



Please make sure your student has their own personal calculator. It needs to be a basic, 4-function calculator. Students will need their own calculator for the Milestone as we are not allowed to supply students with calculators for the test. Students will only be allowed to use basic calculators on the Milestone, so please don't waste your money buying anything too fancy :) You can get a basic calculator at the Dollar Tree for $1.00!




Office 365 Account

Parents! If you have not given your child access to Office 365, please click on the following link to get them set up!

Office 365 Instructions