Welcome to Awtrey Middle School! 

          During the year, I appreciate parent support. I am teaching Science, Social Studies, and Academic Habits. Your emails, text messages, notes, and telephone calls expressing suggestions, comments, and concerns are always welcome.

                                 ~~ Ms. Amye Donnelly


Georgia Milestones testing is in April 2017 after Spring Break. Students should take the opportunity to practice for the Milestones Tests. Information and practice tests can be accessed at the following website:  http://gaexperienceonline.com/


Academic Habits class notices, assignments, homework, and events are posted on this site.

Academic Habits Syllabus:   AH Syllabus 2016 - 17.pdf  


Mr. Derrick Tucker's website posts the assignments, homework and class notices for our 3rd and 4th period Social Studies classes.  

Social Studies Syllabus:   Soc Studies Syllabus 2016 17.pdf 


 Mrs. Anissa Williams' website posts the assignments, homework and class notices for our 6th and 7th period Science classes.  

                           Science Syllabus:   SCI Syllabus 2016 17.pdf 



Parent Events for Special Education:   Parent EVENTS 16-17 revised.pdf 



If you need to contact me for any reason, please email: Amye.Donnelly@cobbk12.org