Welcome to Awtrey Middle School! 

          During the year, I appreciate parent support. I am teaching Science, Social Studies, and Academic Habits. Your emails, text messages, notes, and telephone calls expressing suggestions, comments, and concerns are always welcome.

                                 ~~ Ms. Amye Donnelly


Academic Habits class notices, assignments, homework, and events are posted on this site.

Academic Habits Syllabus:   AH Syllabus 2016 - 17.pdf  


Mr. Derrick Tucker's website posts the assignments, homework and class notices for our 3rd and 4th period Social Studies classes.  

Social Studies Syllabus:   Soc Studies Syllabus 2016 17.pdf 


 Mrs. Anissa Williams' website posts the assignments, homework and class notices for our 6th and 7th period Science classes.  

                           Science Syllabus:   SCI Syllabus 2016 17.pdf 



Parent Events for Special Education:   Parent EVENTS 16-17 revised.pdf 



If you need to contact me for any reason, please email: Amye.Donnelly@cobbk12.org