Welcome to 7th grade Math

May 2017


Please send a self addressed stamped envelope (legal size) with your student to their homeroom teacher for end of the year paperwork including their report card.   Report cards without an envelope will be held at the front office.

Math 7

 Inference Unit Project.docx 

Due Monday, May 8, 2017 


Academic Habits


 Due Monday, May 8, 2017


April 2017



Students must complete 20 minutes of Moby Max for homework each week:

Username: Lunch#    Password: Lunch#



How to study for Math Assessments: Studying for Math Assessments(1).pdf 


Welcome Back to School!

What a fantastic holiday break! I hope that you all have enjoyed yourselves and your family throughout the holiday.


I wanted to fill you all in with the details for over the next few weeks, as we get started back to school. Assessments: We will start our second semester working on percents, proportional percents, tax, tip and discount.  Our assessment will be the week of January 30th.  For additional support, please use the Math Seventh Grade resources tab.


Report Cards: You will receive your child’s First Semester report card on January 6.


Dates to Keep in Mind This Month:

Friday, January 6: Report Cards Distributed

Monday, January 16: No School, Martin Luther King Day Observed


I look forward to starting the new semester and working with your children again. Let’s work together to be collaborative, communicative, and supportive of one another. My goal is to provide a fulfilling and successful semester for each student and the school community. Look forward to seeing you!


All the best, Mrs. Richardson






The first assignment is for your parents!  Please take a moment to tell me what you think and what I should know about your scholar. The due date is  Friday, August 12th.. Please return  In a Million Words or Less . . . to  me at faith.richardson@cobbk12.org .  I look forward to reading all about your scholar. 

Thank you,  

Faith Richardson 


Contact Information: 




7th Grade Textbooks:

Student will receive copies that they can write in and keep! We will start with Volume 1 and then they will get Volume 2 when we get to that content. To access the online textbook for all middle school content, please visit ConnectED linked here. Use the username: ccsd (student ID)  password:  cobbmath1


Course Expectations: 

1. Students will be asked to bring textbook, paper, pencil, composition notebook, and a binder with a section that will house all of their graded work. 


2. Students should have a silent reading book with them every day, to use as needed.


3. Assignments will be posted each day on the teacher’s blog.  When a student is absent it is their responsibility to check the blog either at home or during homeroom and complete the work. 


4. Make-up work will be accepted according to Cobb County School District policy.


5. Conduct grades will be in accordance with the school-wide behavior management plan.


6. Help sessions will be available before tests and as needed or requested by students.


7.Students need to have their agendas with them in class each day. Hall passes will be written in the agenda by the student and signed by the teacher.  Passes can only be written in the agenda.  If a student does not have his/her agenda then a pass cannot be written.


Class Expectations:  Students will be asked to keep a section for math in a 3-Ring Binder and a composition notebook. They are expected to abide by all county, and school rules.  Students will treat all people and materials with respect.  Students will come prepared to class everyday with all materials including pencil, paper, notebook, workbooks and Agenda.  I expect students to give their best effort every day, get help when needed, and complete all assignments on time.


First in Math- Firstinmath.com

Students received ID name and password ( if lost pleaase contact teacher).

First in Math is an online comprehensive program covers grades 1 to 8, from one-step addition to multi-step algebra. Improves basic fact numeracy, higher-order thinking skills and includes word problems.

This dynamic, proven program encourages students to practice through IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK. Game-style activities ensure that students engage in active practice required for skill retention, and motivation is fueled by reinforcement in the form of electronic award stickers when students solve problems correctly. No penalties are levied for incorrect responses, and students become encouraged to take ownership of math learning and practice.


First in Math Goals Index

The goals index is an overall measure of performance on First in Math in four categories: Activity, Fact Fluency, Word Problem Fluency, and Procedural Fluency.

The program features a Competition/Rankings component to provide motivation and sustain high activity levels. As students play, they earn virtual award "stickers" that accrue to their personal and classroom score.



Academic Habits 


7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey


For the first unit, the students will be reading the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey.  This book provides a guide to help teens develop healthy habits, which is a great place to begin and build a foundation. The goal of this book is to help teens improve self-esteem, build friendships, resist peer pressure, achieve their goals, get along with their parents, and much more. By providing the teens with habits based on principles, it will give them the tools needed to build a strong foundation for the rest of their life. 




Learning Goal


At the end of the unit the students will be able to:


1.Identify and explain the 7 Habits of highly effective teens
2.Assess their habits and compare and contrast them to the benefits of practicing the 7 habits 
3.Identify their mission statement in life and analyze the influence their personal values have on their individual health 
4.Develop a plan to apply the 7 habits in their life


"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."    

Helen Keller- Habit 6: Synergize