Being absent does NOT excuse you from an assignment. Please be ready to hand in any assignments from when you were absent upon your arrival back to school or within the number of days absent from school (for example, you were out sick one day, you have one day after you return to hand in your assignment). Any questions, please see me. Thanks!


FIELD TRIP TO NORTH COBB THURSDAY MORNING. We will miss 1st and 2nd period that day and arrive back at awtrey for 3rd. You MUST have a signed permission slip to go. 


AC ELA - This week (March 27 - 31) we will finish reading Fahrenheit 451. Please read AND annotate the third part, "Shining Bright" by the beginning of class on Wednesday, as well as your comprehension questions for part 3. You will have your FINAL test on the ENTIRE book beginning Wednesday for 2nd period and Thursday for 6th and 7th. You also have the "Wanted" project due on Friday by the end of class. If you will be out on Friday you must take the test and turn in your project BEFORE Friday. No vocab for the last part of the novel. Project is optional for all however, I highly encourage everyone to complete it. 


ON LEVEL ELA -  This week (March 27 - 31) We will finish reading The Outsiders. All comprehension questions for chapters 11- 12 (as well as any you have not turned in yet) are due Wednesday at the beginning of class. Wednesday there is a test on the ENTIRE novel. You will have Friday to work on the test as well.You also need to turn in your "Elements of Fiction" assignment that goes with the novel. You must have a minimum of 60 elements of fiction (they can be the same, for example, multiple similies or metaphors), which is equal to finding 5 per chapter. All work and tests must be completed before we leave for break so if you know you will be out Friday, please plan accordingly. 



PARENTS/GUARDIANS - PLEASE click the link below and fill out the form ASAP. Thank you!


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 Important Dates: 


  • April 3 - 7 - Spring Break