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Week of March 27th - March 31st


 Last week students received Georgia Milestone Practice by completing multiple worksheets.  Some of the areas we covered were main idea, spelling, punctuation, synonyms, antonyms and reading comprehension.  I am attaching a link below for students to practice at home as well.


Georgia Milestone Practice



This week we will start reading The Giver in class as students receive new vocabulary terms for the first five chapters of the book.  The definitions will be due one we complete chapter 5.


Novel Novelty    Please make sure your students are working toward their schedulded dates chosen by them.  Late points will be deducted for students unprepared during their dates and after school detention will be recommended for them to work on their projects.


We will start The Giver  (Lois Lowry) once we complete our persuasive papers.  It is recommended that all students purchase a copy of the book.  Students will be responsible for in class and at home reading assignments.



Follow this link for an on-line text version of The Giver: 







Civil and Human Rights Padlet 

 Students can use the below link to research information on Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X.  Students can also review other sources on the CLC web page to gather information.