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Dear Parents,


How can I thank you enough for showing me so much love and appreciation last week?!

I appreciated all of the cards, flowers, balloons, snacks, and gift cards. You made me smile and feel loved. This has been a very special class! I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching your children and working with you. Your support has been wonderful! Thank you for all that you've done this school year to help me help your child to be successful.



Mrs. Rutherford

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Important Dates in May

5/5      ART DAY

5/5      All books due to media center

5/10   James and the Giant Peach 9:30-10:40

          (in school performance)

5/11   Career Day

5/15-5/19   Book Fair

5/19   Field Day

5/23   Early Dismissal

5/24   Early Dismissal & Last Day of School Picnic (No Bookbags Allowed!!)





We are just about done with Milestones End of Year Testing. Tomorrow we will conclude testing with Math Part2. Thank you for sending your child to school on time each day!


After testing, we will continue with our normal schedule and curriculum. Here's what we will be learning for the duration of the school year:

Reading: We will complete our whole group novel study entitled Dear Austin: Letters from the Underground Railroad by Elvira Woodruff. Students will complete several graded literacy activities on this novel. Students will also complete a QUILT Book Report in class on their independent reading book.

Math: Wewill conclude our measurement unit.

Science: We will begin our unit on Ecosystems. Students will learn the difference between food webs and food chains (how it works), the importance of animal adaptations, and how animals survive in their habitat.

Social Studies: We'll begin our unit on the Westward Expansion.


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Progress Reports will be sent home on Wednesday, April 26th. Please sign and return your child's report. Be sure to view your child's current averages on ParentVue each week in order to avoid surprises.



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Star Student for the week of 4/24/17... Ailin Toriz

Star Student for the week of 4/17/17...James Behzadi wants to be a professional race car driver when he grows up. He enjoys celebrating his birthdays with his family because they go Go Cart Racing.  


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The GA MILESTONES begins on Wednesday, April 19th at about 8:30 am. Here is the schedule below:

4/19 English Language Arts part 1 

4/20 English Language Arts part 2

4/21 English Language Arts part 3

4/24 Math part 1

4/25 Math part 2


Testing Tips:

  • bedtime 8:30pm
  • eat a healthy breakfast
  • share words of encouragement
  • be on time for school
  • It is important that all students come to school on time during testing. If your child arrives late to school, they will make it up on another day with a different teacher. 









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Happy Friday to all! I hope everyone enjoys their Spring Break next week! I will see you on Monday, April 10th.

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Don't forget, we'll have STEAM Night on April 11th from 4:30-6:30 pm.



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REPORT CARDS went home on Thursday. Please sign/return the envelope by Monday. Remember to view grades weekly on ParentVue in order to avoid surprises. Have a wonderful weekend!!

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We'd like to thank Mr. Allex for attending the High Museum with us on Tuesday. We'd also like to thank Mr. Shalin for coming in today to read and engage our class in a bit of reader's theater.


 Star Student

 the week of 3/27/17

 Morgan DuBose is our Star Student this week. Her favorite foods are chicken with rice and gravy. Morgan wants to be a fashion designer, model, and dancer when she grows up. Her hero is his mother because she inspires her to do things that she needs to do.




Star Student

the week of 3/20/17

Henry Shalin is our Star Student this week. His favorite foods are collard greens and chicken. Henry wants to be a chemist when he grows up. Henry's hero is his mother because she would always encourage him to be the best he possibly can be.



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3/21    High Museum Field Trip

3/23   Report Cards

3/24   Book Buddies with Mr. Shalin, Henry's dad

3/24   Decades Dance in the cafeteria 7-9 pm

4/3-4/7   SPRING BREAK

4/11   STEAM Night


4th Quarter: What We're Learning...

Reading: In reading, we'll begin our whole group novel study entitled Dear Levi by Elvira Woodruff. We will identify the main idea, details, theme, make connections, discuss the author's purpose, and explore story elements.

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Writing: We have been writing short and extended constructed responses to text using the RACE strategy. Students are expected to read a passage or two and answer 1-2 questions in an essay format. They must use the RACE strategy in order to cite evidence in order to support their answers.

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Math: We'll begin our geometry unit this week. Students will learn about the following: angles (right, acute, obtuse), measuring angles using a protractor, identifying different types of lines, and symmetry.




Today marks the 1st day of the 4th quarter. We have so much more learning to do in order to get ready for 5th grade!



Last week, our students enjoyed themselves at The Cobb Youth Museum! They ALL participated in a reenactment of important events of the American Revolution. The experience was one that they will always remember; it was a wonderful culminating activity.


Classroom Expectations:


Our 4th graders have worked extremely hard during the first 3 quarters of school! They know what is expected of them and they are also familiar with our routines and procedures. They may be receiving STAMPS more often now, without multiple warnings and reminders. I ask that you support me in this effort to keep them focused when at school. I have noticed that there has been an increase in unwanted behavior. I have done everything that I know to do such as: move seats numerous times, write notes to parents, STAMPS in the agenda, silent lunch, etc.  It is becoming evident that some of these strategies are not having an effect on some of our friends. Please review your child's agenda each night and support me at home by following through with meaningful consequences. During the 4th quarter, the standards will continue to become more challenging. In order for your child to meet/exceed standards, they will need to be attentive and ready to work daily. You can help by discussing the following problem areas:
1. excessive talking / off task behaviors during whole group and independent lessons


2. managing the business of others instead of working 
3. out of seat without raising his/her hand 
4. listening and following directions the 1st time they are told


5. keeping head off of the table
6. using good manners @ lunch
7. following the school rules/procedures for walking in the hall


8. bringing agenda, homework, library books & other materials to school daily


9. leave Pokemon trading cards and other distracting items at home


I would like to mention that I have appreciated all of the support that I've been given thus far. When children know that we are working together, they do their very best!




Hello Parents,


We'll be using this web-page site from now on. The other webpage was not saving my updates. Please save this link to your favorites.

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Friday, March 10th is SPRING Picture Day!


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The following field trips are free; please be sure to sign/return your child's permission slip to attend. We would like to thank Talia's dad, Mr. Allex, for chaperoning the High Museum of Art trip.

3/9/17      Cobb Youth Museum

3/21/17    High Museum of Art: "I See Literacy"


Saturdays for Success:

Saturday School begins this Saturday. It will run for the following three Saturdays: March 11th, 18th, and 25th.


Science: Planet and Stars Test on Tuesday, 3/14


Social Studies: A copy of the Preamble has been given to each student. Please have your child to practice reciting it. They will recite it for a grade in front of the class on Monday, March 13th.