2017-2018 Course Description and Expectations

7th Grade Language Arts


 Ms. Danielle Davis                                                                     

Email: DanielleED@leeschools.net





Welcome to 7th grade Language Arts.  During the year, we will focus on the acquisition of vocabulary, the application of reading and process writing strategies, the importance of independent reading, and the improvement of communication skills such as listening and speaking.   I am looking forward to a great year with you!




Although AR is no longer required, you are expected to read at least three times a week, in class, for 20 minutes. Your daily homework includes 20 minutes of reading. 


Articles of the Week will be completed as homework once a week. Students will be given a current news article once a week for them to annotate, summarize, and reflect on. This assignment is located in Google Classroom, and there is a paper version in class, if a student does not have access to wi-fi.


Grading Policy


All assignments will be scored on a point scale of 0-100.  You are expected to turn in each assignment on its designated due date.  If that is not possible, you may turn in the assignment through the unit. It is your responsibility to complete all the work you miss due to an absence. You are allowed one day for each day missed plus one to complete the assignments.  The value of individual assignments toward your final class grade is given below. 



Total Classwork/Homework Assessments/Essays/Projects
100%   50% 50%


Classroom Expectations


Please adhere to the following procedures in order to ensure an optimum learning environment for all:

  ~Monday/Tuesday- Come in and copy the homework down in your agenda

  ~Be in your assigned seat and in the process of completing the bell ringer when the bell rings.           

  ~Raise your hand and wait to be recognized before you speak.

  ~Listen respectfully when Ms. Davis, or a classmate, is speaking.           

  ~Remain seated until Ms. Davis dismisses you.


Interactive Notebooks


It is imperative, for the understanding of the Language Arts content, that students have their interactive notebooks every class. We will complete right sided pages with lessons/notes in class. The left sided pages are for students to demonstrate their understanding of the material. They can do this in a variety of ways. An example of 2 pages: On a right-sided page is a vocabulary lesson. On the left-sided page, students will demonstrate they understand the vocabulary by either drawing pictures of the terms, writing a short story using the vocabulary, creating a crossword puzzle with definitions in your own words, etc.



Class Reflections



Students are expected to choose 1 reflection question per class period to respond to. This sheet is available in Google Classroom, attached to the weekly agenda. This is a time for students to reflect on my teaching and their learning experience to help shape our classroom and lessons.




 Being prepared for class is essential to learning.  You will need to have the following items with you each day.



 5 subject notebook


Liquid Glue

Colored pencils/crayons