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               Welcome to the CTMS Health Office

             Allison Cornyn, RN, CSN-NJ

                     Lisa Siefert, RN





     Allergy season is upon us! We are not allowed to give Seasonal Allergy medication at school without the correct forms completed by you and signed by your Doctor. Please adhere to the school policies about when to keep your child home.  They are listed below, please review if you have not already.


           All incoming 6th graders for 2019-2020 upcoming school year must have proof of the receiving their Menactra and TDap vaccines prior to the 1st day of school.

Please speak with your Doctor if you have any questions, this is a NJ State Regulation, your child will not be permitted to enter school without proof of immuniztion. (Please provide letter dated 2019 if claiming Religious Exemption)






     It is not too early think about scheduling your child's physical for Fall sports! Please download the CTSD Sports Physical Form as this is the only acceptable form for our School Physician to clear your child to participate.


     Please read each form carefully, there are many places where you and your child need to sign. Everyone MUST complete the Health History Update if it has been greater than 90 days between your Physical Exam and the start of practice. A new Emergency Contact form must completed with each new sport or club your child participates in every season. Always make a copy of your paperwork before turning in to the Health Office.


    Just a few reminders:

  • Please make sure the Main Office has the most up to date phone numbers that you can be reached at in an emergency.  Also, please take a minute to make sure your emergency contacts have given given you their most current phone numbers as well.
  • If your child has a fever greater than 100.0 F degrees they must stay home for 24hrs.  They may return to school once fever free for 24 hours without taking a fever reducer such as motrin or tylenol.
  • If vomiting or diarrhea the same 24 hour rule applies, we are being proactive to stop the spread of stomach viruses to your child's classmates as well as the staff.
  • If your child has a need to take a medication during school hours the district policy states you must have the appropriate school form filled out and signed by your Doctor.  I cannot legally administer the medication to your child, I am sorry but there are no exceptions. You may come to school and administer the medication if necessary. The form is available on the website under "Health Office Forms". You must also supply the necessary equipment to administer the medication, ie if it's a nebulizer treatment you need to send in the tubing and mouthpiece as I cannot supply that for every student.
  • If you suspect your child may have lice please keep them home until treated.  Please see information under the heading of "Lice".
  • If your child has any restrictions in place from your Doctor please send in a hard copy of any instructions for the school and I will distribute to the Physical Education teachers and other necessary personnel.  
  • Concussion paperwork needs to be sent in upon return to school. When your child has a prescribed "indoor recess" they will stay in the Health Office to rest their brain and body so they can refuel for the afternoon's classwork. I do not encourage having friends join them for recess in the Health Office when they have a concussion. This should be a period of rest and decreased stimuli for the brain. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions about this policy. 
  • If you are new to the Clinton Township School District you must provide a completed and signed Physical Exam within 30 days of entering school. Proof of Immunizations must be included with the Physical.  If you are claiming Religious Exemption you must provide the proper documentation upon entering school. If you entering the school system from another country please check with me to see if you need a TB test done before entering school. These are NJ State Regulations and necessary for admittance to the NJ school system.
  • All epipens and inhalers must have the proper paperwork completed when sending in medication. Forms are under "Health Office Forms".
  • All Over the Counter Medication including cough drops, creams and lotions must have the "Medication Administration Form" completed and signed by you the Parent/Guardian and the your Doctor.  If you send in any Over the Counter Medication without the appropriate paperwork it will be held in the Health Office for the day and returned home to you that afternoon with the paperwork attached to be completed. 
  • All Concussion "Return to Play" protocols must be completed by your family physician before your child will be cleared to play/resume sports/clubs activities.