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Miss Robyn Stein

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The music program at SRS incorporates an exploratory process where all students are actively engaged in all areas of learning. Our preschool, kindergarten and first grade students will experience music in many ways (kinesthetically, verbally, visually, aurally, etc.) to ensure success for all types of learners. Throughout the year we will learn a wide array of musical concepts while continuing to foster the enjoyment and appreciation of the art of music! Our curriculum is thoughtfully planned around the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards and the National Standards for Music Education. 


Please contact me if you have any additional questions. As always, thank you for your continued support of the arts!



Music Room Rules

                                     Make good choices

                                                  Use kind words

                                                  Show respect

                                                  Involve yourself

                                                  Care for the room

                                                     and instruments