7th Grade Science - Team East



Mrs. Daniello, Mrs. Lin
Clinton Township Middle School, 7th Grade, Science





Welcome to middle school and the 7th grade! Be prepared for an exciting year- you will be exploring a variety of topics and will sharpen your science skills throughout the year.  Units this year begin with chemistry topics (matter, elements, compounds & mixtures), move on to cells, body systems and heredity. You will also be learning more about how you think and work.  


Lessons are designed with an emphasis placed on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math,  called STEM-based learning. Students will gain experience in questioning, identifying problems, brainstorming and designing potential solutions, working collaboratively and revising plans when a solution does not achieve the target goal.  These skills are necessary not just in future classes, but in any career. 


It is our expectation that you will be ready to move into 8th grade able to brainstorm, plan projects, collaborate with others and meet deadlines. Grades entered in the gradebook will reflect a student's demonstrated work ethic, understanding and promptness in meeting dealines.



Descriptive words about science