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Morning Meeting:

Each day, your child participates in a Morning Meeting to help build our classroom community. We gather to participate in a greeting, share,activity and read the daily message. We also check the schedule to see if there are any changes to our daily routine. Some of the greetings we will learn throughout the year include: handshake greeting, ball greeting, whisper greeting, compliment greeting and the weekend greeting. Some share topics include: favorite color, favorite food, favorite outside activity and favorite book. Students will pass the microphone around and share new, fun facts about themselves!


Do you have an idea for a Morning Meeting share topic?

 Morning Meeting Share


Spelling Homework:

A spelling packet will be sent home on Monday and should be returned on Friday.  The students will study a new set of spelling words each week. Each list will target a different spelling feature, such as short vowel sounds, blends and long vowel spelling patterns. In addition to the written activities, your child should practice spelling the words for a few minutes each night. The students will take a spelling test on Friday. 


Math Homework:

Monday through Thursday, your child will be bringing home a math homework sheet. This is homework that goes along with what we are doing during math and should be completed and returned to school.


Reading Homework:

Every night, your child will bring home a reading book baggie. These books are selected by your child each morning and are meant to be read at home as part of your child's fifteen minutes of reading each night. Feel free to supplement with reading materials in your home or books from the library. Thank for your continued help and support with your child's reading at home!


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