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Literacy Support

Literacy Support is a targeted and individualized reading intervention class. Students will focus on sound/symbol relationships, phonemes and phonology, morphemes, vocabulary, sentence syntax, spelling, and comprehension. Students will read literature, "quick reads," short stories, and informational texts. Students' reading will be monitored for word recognition and vocabulary and meanings of words within context, which will increase fluency and comprehension. The curriculum will include lessons that ask students to recall details, identify main ideas, make inferences, and identify word parts' and words' meanings. Students will use comprehension strategies, such as questioning the text while reading, summarizing, predicting, making mental images, and analyzing story components, like the setting, characters, and problems and their solutions. The program will monitor and assess growth, with pre-assessments, benchmark assessments, and other formative assessments. As with any reading study, it is recommended that students read as often as possible, with family one-on-one discussions of themes and subjects found in the readings. It is suggested that students are asked "why" questions, especially when they are making connections between what they are reading and what they already know about the subject or know from their life experiences.


I look forward to working with you, and please let me know any questions or comments that you have. 




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