Parent Teacher Conferences are by homerooms. If your student is in my homeroom please use the link below to sign up for fall conferences. 


Welcome to our classroom website. This is where you will find a  homework schedule, links to important websites, and usernames and passwords for common websites that we use. 


I check my e-mail on a daily basis. If you need to contact me please e-mail me at Search for the Correct Unit. 

username: MissSpadone (no password or login is required. Just simply search this name.)   password:learning



Banishing Boring Words Packet  



Weekly Homework Assignments

Week 1 of Vocabulary Nightly HW: 20-30 Minutes independent reading every single night. 

Monday: Words 1-5

Tuesday: Words 6-10

Wednesday: Words 11-15

Thursday: 16-20


Week 2 Vocabulary Nightly HW. There is a Vocabulary quiz on Friday!


Monday: Choosing the Right Word

Tuesday: Synonyms/Antonyms

Wednesday: Complete the Sentence

Thursday: Vocabulary in Context