Welcome to Social Studies!

 Team North

8th Grade



Ms. Selbo, Mrs. Dandeo, & Ms. Russomano

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This year in social studies we will be concentrating on United States History.  We have started with the unit on establishing our government, and the Constitution as a living document.  Throughout the year we will also focus on the following units:  Lewis & Clark Exploration, Jacksonian Democracy, Westward Expansion, the Civil War and Reconstruction, Age of Reform and Culture, and the Rise of Industry. 

We look forward to a great year!



Grading for 2nd marking period will be as follows:

Tests/Quizzes: 35%

Projects/Written Assignments:  35%

Homework:  20%

Class Work:  10%

The   8thgradesocialstudiespolicy16-17.pdf   contains more information about expectations.


**There are still several textbooks that are not covered.  These are brand new books.  The longer books go without a cover, the more likely that fines may be assessed in June for damage to the books.**


Test Dates and Due Dates:

In addition to chapter quizzes/tests, there will also be short benchmark assessments weekly or bi-weekly.  Benchmarks help students to continuously review material from class so they are better prepared for the midterm and final.  These will be 10 point multiple choice quizzes.  The first one of the year will only be 5 points. 


Chapter 11 Test (50 points) - Thursday, January 19th (**CHANGE in DATE**)

Study guide is now due Wednesday, 1/18


ALL signed tests/quizzes for 2nd marking period are due January 24th  

There are currently 5 of these that need to get signed (Bill of Rights Quiz, Chapter 9 (Govt.), Chapter 9 - Federalist Era, Chapter 10 Lesson 1-3,  & 10.4 Quiz).  These homework grades will become zeroes if not seen by January 24th.