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2016 - 2017  School Year                                                        


!!Students interested in a career in the Culinary Arts should take the following sequence of courses:

Culinary Arts I, Culinary Arts II and Culinary Arts III. (Interested students are also encouraged to take

Cultural Foods after completing Culinary Arts I)!!


*Culinary Arts I

Length: Year Credits: 5
Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
Culinary Arts I is an introduction to foods and all aspects of the kitchen including safety, sanitation, food terms, the
use of small equipment and appliances, food preparation tools and basic cooking/baking skills. Students will
explore various ingredients such as but not limited to dairy, eggs, poultry, and yeast and use basic kitchen
equipment to prepare appetizers, desserts, main dishes and so much more. An introduction to basic nutrition and cake
decorating will also be taught.


  Culinary Arts I Syllabus.docx 


*Culinary Arts II


Length: Year Credits: 5
Grade Level: 10, 11, 12
Pre-requisite: Culinary Arts I
Culinary Arts II is a course that focuses on advanced techniques and food preparation. Students will use Culinary Arts I as a foundation for this class. Culinary Arts II will focus on a variety of food categories such as, but not limited to, (dairy, meat, poultry, fondue, chocolate, garnishing, salad and fruits/vegetables). Advanced techniques in food preparation and presentation will be incorporated into all labs. Advanced cake decorating and large scale gingerbread house construction will be taught. Healthy food preparation techniques, nutrition, and healthy eating habits will also be taught.


    Culinary Arts II Syllabus.pdf                                            


*Culinary Arts III


Length: Year Credits: 5

Grade Level: 11, 12
Pre-requisite: Culinary Arts II
Culinary Arts III is a course that focuses on commercial foods. This course will provide a thorough knowledge of the principles, practices and scope of food preparation. Students will prepare various dishes and meals with commercial preparations in mind. They will learn proper presentation of foods using color and garnishing. Quantity food preparation/catering will be experienced as well. Aspects of the food service industry will be explored.


    Culinary Arts III Syllabus.pdf