Welcome to Grade 8 Social Studies!


Listed below is what we will cover throughout the year 



Unit 1-Building A Nation

Events leading to the Revolution            

The Revolutionary War

Early Government



Unit 2-Civics

Foundation of American Government

Constitution and law 



Unit 3-The Civil War


Causes of the Civil War

The American Civil War




Unit 4-The World Wars Era

WWI (Causes and America's involement)

Treaty of versailles

WWII (Causes and American involvement)




Goals of the Course:


- Gain an understanding of the foundation of America and America’s Foreign Policy


- Raise awareness of your role as an American Citizen


- Practice social studies skills such as: research, analysis and critical thinking


- Practice and improve reading and writing skills


-Analyzing our history’s impact on our way of life today




Use the links on the left to navigate to our different topics. I will be posting study guides and other helpful links!





Feel free to contact me via email, duboista@clearviewregional.edu with any questions or concerns!