Welcome to Mrs. Catts' class.


Room 204 


Math 8,  Advanced 8, and Honors Algebra 1





Honors Algebra 1_Rational Expression Keys:    Rational Expression Keys.pdf 



Chapter 10 keys.pdf 




Review Chapter 9 Answer keys (1) (1).pdf  


 4/25/17: Advanced Math 8:  Pythagorean Theorem and Angle Review Answer Keys:


  Angle Relation study guide.pdf   pythagorean theorem hw 1.pdf 



4/11/17: Honors Algebra 1:  Chapter 9: Practice and Answer Keys:    

  Review Chapter 9 Answer keys (1) (1).pdf    Ch 9- Quadratics Review (big bang).ppt 

4/4/17: Honors Algebra 1:  CCA 3 Practice and Answer Keys:

 CCA 3 Practice and Answer Keys.pdf 




3/17:   Honors Algebra 1: Factoring Test answers for extra practice and matho.    Factoring Test Review Answers_Matho Answers.pdf



3/17:   Honors Algebra 1: homework answer key for factoring.  These are our answers... make sure you show all work.      factoring answer key homework 3_17.pdf



3/08:   Honors Algebra 1: Study and practice papers and answer keys for GCF, factoring and factor by grouping.        GCF and grouping practice and keys.pdf   GCF classwork key.pdf 




2/23:   Honors Algebra 1: Study and flash card answer keys for Chapter 7 Test.     Algebra Chapter 7 Reviews.pdf


2/22:  Advanced Math 8: Systems Station Review.  Systems Stations Review.pdf 



2/7:   Honors Algebra 1: Study and Practice worksheets and answer keys for exponent quiz.   7-4 Homework with anwers 2_7.pdf   7-4 Warm-Up with answers 2_7.pdf  

MATHO and answers 2_7.pdf  

Warm-Up2 answers 2_7.pdf 

WarmUp 7-1 - 7-4 and answers 2_7.pdf 




1/24: Honors Algebra 1: CCA 2 Station Practice answer key.  Stations Review CCA 2.pdf 

1/18: Honors Algebra 1: Systems and Word Problem Practice answer key.  systems sub, elimination and word prob review.pdf 



1/18:  Advanced Math 8: Station Review for CCA 2.  cca stations review.pdf 


1/17:  Advanced Math 8: Study Guide for CCA 2.   chcatts_CCA 2 Study Guide Adv. 8.pdf 


1/13: Honors Algebra 1: Systems Word Problem Practice answer key.  chcatts_systems word problems_1.pdf  chcatts_systems word problems_2.pdf 

12/21:  Advanced Math 8:  Keys to unit 2 linear review.  Unit 2 test review key.pdf 


12/8:  Advanced Math 8:  Keys to Quiz Review 2_5 to 2_7.   Quiz Review 2_5 and 2_7.pdf  Quiz review 2_6.pdf 


12/2: Honors Algebra 1:  Review Materials for test on 12/5. 

 arithmetic warmup answer key.pdf    scavenger.pdf    REVIEW ANSWER KEYS.pdf 


Honors Algebra 1:  Notes on Relations:   Notes Relations.pdf 


Honors Algebra 1:

Keys to Inequality Review:  Inequalities Review - Blank and Answers.pdf  

Inequality Task Cards and Answers: Inequalities Task Cards.pdf  Inequalities Task Cards Answers.pdf  

Inequality Bingo cards and answers:  Inequalities Bingo Cards and Answers (1).pdf 


Honors Algebra 1:  Key to Compound inequality with set and interval notation: compound inequality set and interval notation key.pdf 


Honors Algebra 1:  Key to review stations for CCA 1:   Key to CCA 1 Stations Review.pdf 


Honors Algebra 1:  Key to CCA 1 - Review Packet:   Key to CCA MP1 Review Packet.pdf 




Advanced Math 8:  Keys to exponent practice packet and extra practice worksheet.

 chcatts_10-25-2016_15-09-43.pdf  chcatts_10-25-2016_15-09-43_1 (1).pdf





Advanced Math 8:  Keys to Station Review for Math Test 1-1 to 1-5.   

 Adv Math 8 Keys to Test Review Stations(2)..pdf 




Honors Algebra 1:  Jigsaw class assignment key & Homework Key from 10/6

 Homework October 6 Key page 1.pdf  Homework October 6 Key page 2.pdf  Jigsaw key page 1.pdf  Jigsaw key page 2.pdf 




Honors Algebra 1:  Homework Key from 10/3:    Word Problem Key Oct 3.pdf   Word Problem Key Oct 3 page 2.pdf 




Honors Algebra 1:  Quiz Review for 9/29 quiz.  Reviews and answers are posted here.  There is also an extra practice blank worksheet and answers sheet.  

 Consecutive Integer and Perimeter Word Problem Answers.pdf 


 Word Problem Puzzle Answers.pdf 


 Extra Practice WS Blank and Answer Key.pdf 






Honors Algebra 1:  Quiz review for 9/20 quiz and answer sheet are posted here.


 Quiz Review Answers 2nd Quiz.pdf 

 Quiz Review Blank 2nd.pdf 



Test for Honors Algebra 1 is 9/22.




Welcome back to school!  We have a great year planned and I am looking forward to working with each and every one of you! 



I hope to see everyone at back to school night,

September 14th at 7:00 pm.








Math 8 students:  Moby Max is coming... stay tuned for information so you can log on!









 This website is for our families to stay updated on accomplishments, events, homework and important information in our classroom.  It is also a site for links that provide extra practice and instruction for students.  



I hope you find everything you are looking for on this page.  If you have any questions, or you need to contact me, please email me at cattsch@clearviewregional.edu.



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                 Supplies needed this year: Math 8 and Advanced Math 8

                      Please bring all materials with you to class every day.

                      1 ½ inch 3 ring binder with 3 tab dividers (or…some like 5 tabs)      

                      Loose leaf paper

                     PENCILS (Lots of pencils)

                        Erasers (no pens) 

                      Composition notebook (will be left in classroom)

                      Calculator TI-84 (class calculators will be available for use)


                   Supplies needed this year: Honors Algebra 1

                        Please bring all materials with you to class every day.

                  3 Ring Binder 1½ inch


                     Pencil Case (pencils & erasers)

                        Calculator - TI 84 plus (recommended)


               Graph Paper



              Here is a copy of our class Welcome Back Letter:


              Welcome Back 2016-2017 (3) copy.docx 






                     Practice Makes Perfect:


If you are looking for some extra practice or review, please check out the math links on the left. There are games and activities that will help you and the more you practice the better your fluency. Give them a try and have fun!







                    Growth Mindsets: 


We are also going to explore our growth vs. fixed mindsets in class this year.  The students and I are going to explore the areas where we have a fixed mindset and try to change more to a growth mindset.  If you are interested in learning more, I will be happy to discuss and/or share my reading with you.  The book that inspired me is:


Mindsets in the Classroom: Building a Culture of Success and Student Achievement in Schools

by Mary Cay Ricci.


This is a brief explanation:  Parents and teachers can engender a growth mind-set in children by praising them for their effort or persistence (rather than for their intelligence),  by telling success stories that emphasize hare work and love of learning, and by teaching them about the brain as a learning machine.                  


-Dr. Carol Dweck