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The Bernards Township School District is committed to fostering literacy and communication competency so students can successfully understand and actively participate in our complex modern world.


In order to develop effective communication skills, appreciation of the written/spoken word and enthusiasm for the language, the language arts program integrates reading, writing, listening, speaking and writing. The literature-based, developmentally appropriate, student-centered curriculum provides essential program integration. Acknowledging the student’s risk-taking efforts as indicators of growth and encouraging student decision making/problem solving helps students become life-long strategic learners. To keep pace with globalization, technological advancements, and research on cognitive development, the curriculum implements effective teaching strategies. These strategies provide creative, unique and authentic language arts experiences to accommodate various learning styles.


The Bernards Township School District is committed to the creation of student-centered classrooms. This environment nurtures the appreciation of language arts, encourages ownership of individual learning and enhances self-esteem through dynamic interaction with our language.




Presentation to the WAMS and RHS PTO on Reading- May 2016

Presentation to the WAMS and RHS PTO on Writing - March 2015

Presentation to the Elementary PTO on PARCC - April 2014

Presentation to the Elementary PTO on the Common Core - March 2013


Preparing for Summer:

When parents create a culture of reading at home, it can have a significant impact on student achievement. An article in the May 2014 edition of ASCD's Education Update cited a study concluded that those students who read five or more books over the summer improved their reading ability. Click here to read suggestions from literacy experts on how to create that culture in your home.