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Don't Miss This!

Sign on as NASA's Virtual Guests and join in the excitement for this historic moment. All the necessary steps to participate are included in the link below
My message to the crew:
Thank you for your courage on this brave endeavor!  Be safe!  And hope it is all that you imagined and more!







Hello Everyone!


Grades 3,4, and 5:

Your work is found in Google Classroom

We will continue with the projects that you were working on. 

The instructions for the work is with the assignment. 

I have demonstrated every class how to access the instructions.  Please do so and continue with our regular work.

Grade 3 - Digital Saftey Tips - 

Grade 4 - Slide Show - Please check your current slides to make sure they are spell checked, have proper punctuation, capitals, color, and animated - as listed in the directions before doing the rest.

Grade  5- Digital Footprint, Shopping for Clothes, Create an Invitation.


Looking for extra things to do:


You can always practice learning how to type and build your speed and stamina! 

This is also found in Google Classroom entitled:  Keyboarding Lessons.

The directions have the link for quick accessing.  Also listed in Learn How To Type Websites and right here! 

There are lessons, typing tests for various progressions, and typing games.


Fifth grade- you have both lessons and typing tests listed.  

Remember to put your information (statistics) onto the spreadsheet provided.


Grades 4 and 5 I have included in Google Classroom NITRO TYPE.

The spreadsheet with your friends' names plus mine to set up a Friend's Race is there for you to use!





Grades K,1, and 2:


Kindergarten -- You have lessons to do in  The link is on this webpage.  Then you click the little word LOGIN.

USERNAME:   first initial and your last name with no spaces or capitals.

PASSWORD:  Your lunch number

DISTRICT:  Greenwich-NJ

A grown up can help you log in.

Make sure you see the message that your lesson is completed before going to a new lesson.


Looking for something to do -- you can go to*


In the LETTERS section:  Keyboard Zoo and Keyboard Zoo 2, Find the Technology, and Alphabet Order.

In the SKILLS section, there are great typing games to get used to how the letters are all mixed up on the keyboard.


   They keyboarding activities are:  Cup Stacking and Type Rocket Jr.

If you click on the my word list for Kindergarten - you also have some other great websites to use for Mouse skills, etc.  There are some that use the arrow keys that we haven't tried yet. 


Grade 1 -  We just started taking a survey and making Bar Graphs.

You can ask your family what is their favorite breakfast or color or pet.  Then you can create a graph to complete.


Then - if you want more to may go to ABCYA*  

You may also use the same activities as Kindergarten in ABCYA with the addition of Jump Key. 

If you click on the word First Grade, you also have Dance Mat Typing and the coding** activity that we did in December.

Our Class Code: bss2019
You will see your name - click PLAY


Grade 2 -  We have been learning to cut, copy, and paste.


Here is a link for an adult to download on your computer:


Then - if you want more to do....

You have been going to Dance Mat Typing.  Please continue.  The challenge is having your fingers placed on the keyboard and not looking at them while you type! 


You may also use ABCYA for becoming familiar with the keyboard.

The same games: 

In the LETTERS section:  Keyboard Zoo and Keyboard Zoo 2

In the SKILLS section:  Find the Technology, Cup Stacking, Keyboard Invasion, Keyboard Challenge, Alpha Munchies Typing Game, Jump Key, Typing Race, and Type Rocket Jr..  

When you click on  Second Grade you will also link to Lightbot.  The coding activity that we did in December.


*ABCYA - you will have to make sure to enable ADOBE FLASH PLAYER.

You can either right click the puzzle piece that appears and click ENABLE

or there is a lock near the address bar - again - right click - ENABLE

or go to your settings and click - enable Flash.








The Monarch Butterflies Have Left Mexico!

They are returning to the United States

Click to Read and See





Rowan University's 

                                                      RIC AND JEAN EDELMAN PLANETARIUM







Observatory Open Houses 

They begin in the planetarium with a brief virtual preview of the night sky.

Visitors are then escorted to the 4th floor observatory, where they will participate in observations of the night sky.


Attendees observe through telescopes on the observing deck, so be sure to dress for the weather! Weather calls are posted by 2:00 pm.




March 2 - 7:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. (back-up date is 3/3)

April 1 - 8:00 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. (back-up date is 4/2)

April 17 - 7:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. - Philadelphia Science Festival - Citywide Star Party (rain or shine event)

April 30 - 8:30 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. (back-up date 5/1)








     Learning how to keyboard correctly is a life skill.  It is also like learning an instrument.  You train your brain to memorize the "notes" (letters) on the keyboard.  When using one of the "Learn How To Type Websites" try your best to keep your hands on homerow.