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Topic 1   Envision Lesson Links

Powers of Ten : here

Pearson video : here 

Powers of Ten Movie : here

Khan Academy Game :Power of Ten Cards here

Drag and Drop Power of Ten Chart : here




Place Value Rap : here

Whole Number Place Value Challenge: here

Expanded Form Video: here

Expanded Form Practice: here



Scooter Quest Place Value Game: here

Place Value Pirates: here

Decimal and Word form Quiz : here







Fruit Splat : here

Khan Academy Decimal Place value practice:  here

Khan Academy Decimal Place Value Video tutor : here

Khan Academy Decimal Value Practice : here

Place Value Hockey: here




Khan Academy Compare and Order Decimals: here

Comparing Decimals activity : here

More Comparing : here

Khan Academy Ordering Decimals: here

Balloon POP game : here 




Scooter Quest Rounding Game : here

Decimal Sharks : rounding game: here

Decimal Round-Up Rounding Decimal game: here

Soccer Rounding : here


1-7  Another Look Video Lesson 1-7 : here
Topic 2   

Rounding Decimals Game : here

Hungry Puppies Adding Decimal Games: here



Decimal Number Cruncher : here

Estimating Sums and Differences : here



Modeling Tenths Game: here

Modeling Hundredths games : here



Adding Decimals Khan Academy practice : here 

Mr. C " Line it UP " : here

Matching Addition games: here

Line Up the decimals tune: here 


Adding and Subtraction:  Decimalfornia : here

Alien Decimal Subtraction: here

XP math Subtraction : here

Khan academy subtracting decimals: here

 Adding and Subtracting with Bar Daigams: here

Topic 3   

Multiply by Powers of Ten Game: here

Mad Math Multiply by Ten : here



Khan Academy Multiply Powers of 10 : here

Two Digit by Two Digit game: here

Math antics Video tutor: here




Canoe Penguins : here

One by Three : here

Challenge Board: here

Canoe Challenge : here



Pirate Multiplication : here

Multiply with Zero : here




Three digit by two digit : here

Math Antics Standard multiplication video : here

Math tricks : here



Bar Diagrams Interactive: Multiplication : here 

Topic 4  

Multiply Decimals by Powers of Ten :here

Khan Academy Practice : here 

IXL : i2  here


4-2 Estimate the products of a decimal and a whole number here

Use models to multiply a decimal by a whole number video here



Multiply a decimal by a whole number ixl : here

Prctice multiplyong a decimal by a whole number : here



Use models to multiply a decimal by a decimal IXL : here

Practice multiplicaiton of Decimals with Models : here

Video explaining Area Model Decimals : here

4-6  Multiply a decimal using partial products
4-7  decimal Jeopardy ; here
4-8  Decimal Cruncher :here
4-9 deciaml multiplication basketball ; here
Topic 5  

 Using Mental Math to divide:  ixl d6:  here

                                           ixl d7 : here

                                           ixl d8 :  here


 Estimate quotients with 3-digit divisors :  ixl  d9:   here

                                                            ixl  d10: here


 Use models to divide with two-digits: Khan academy video : here

                                                       khan practice : here

                                                       learnzillion video: here



 Partial Quotients ; Khan Academy Video : here

                            Partial Quotients Game : here


 Divide by Multiples of ten: Game Here

                                       Video : here


5-6  Estimating the first digit of a quotient : video here

 Divide by two-digit divisors : Math antics video here

                                           Divison Song Parody ( Hey Ho ) here

                                           Snork Division : here


 Make sense of problems and persevere : division millionaire here

                                                             Racecare division : here

                                                             Divison Tanks Game : here

Topic 6  

 Patterns in dividing decimals :

Khan Academy Video : here 

Dividing Decimal xp math : here

6-2  Estimating decimal quotients: game here
6-3  Using models to divide by 1 digit whole number: here
6-4  Divide by one digit whole number
6-5  Divide by two-digit whole number  game here 

 Use number sense to divide decimals


6-7 and 6-8

 Divide by a decimal  : Khan academy pracitce : decimal Division 1 : here


                                                                        decimal Division 2: here

6-9  Reasoning when dividing by decimals: decimal jeopardy : here
Topic 7  
7-1  Estimating Sums and Differences of Fractions

 Finding Common Denominators; Khan Video : here

 Fruit Splat : LCD here


 Add Fractions with Unlike Denominators:  Khan Video Here

                                                       Khan Practice : here

                                                       xp math game: here


 Subtract fractions with unlike denominators: Khan Video Here

                                                          Khan Practice: here 


 Add and Subtract Fractions: ABCya game: here

                                          Subtraction practice: here

                                          Speedway add and subtracting game: here

7-6  Estimate Sums and Differences of Mixed Numbers
7-7  Use models to add mixed numbers
7-8 Add mixed numbers  : Mixed Number to Improper Fraction : here
7-9 Use models to subtract mixed numbers
7-10 Subtract mixed numbers

Add and Subtract Mixed Numbers; Khan video Here

                                                  Mixed Fraction Games: here

7-12 Modeling with Math
Topic 8  

Khan Academy Video : here 

Use Model to Multiply whole number by a fraction: number line model :here

8-2  Use a model to multiply a fraction by a whole number ; XP model : here
8-3  Multiply a fraction and a whole number; ixl: here

 Use models to multiply two fractions : ixl : here

                                                        ixl : here


multiply fractions rap  : here

xp math game : here   

fraction millionaire : here

8-6  area of a rectangle

 multiply mixed numbers: Mixed number to Simple Fraction : here

                                      Simple Fraction to Mixed Number : here



 multiplication scaling : Khan video : here

                                  Khan practice: here

8-9  making sense and persevering
Topic 9   

 Fractions and Division : here 

                                   Khan video : fractions and division: here

                                   Khan Practice: here

                                   Khan word problems : here

9-2  Fractions and Mixed Number Quotients
9-3  Using Multiplication to divide
9-4  Divide whole numbers by Unit fractions : here
9-5  Divide unit fractions by non-zero whole numbers
9-6  Divide whole numbers and unit fractions 
9-7  Solve problems using division
9-8  Repeated Reasoning
Topic 10   

Model Volume : here

Minecraft volume : here


 Volume Formula : here

 Khan Academy practice : here 

10-3  Volume of Prisms : Khan Academy Video : here
10-4  Combine Volume of Prisms
10-5  Solve Word Problems using Volume
10-6  Using appropriate tools
Topic 11  
11-2  Convert customary units of length
11-2  Convert customary units of capacity
11-3  Convert Customary units of weight
11-4  Convert metric units of length
11-5  Convert Metric Units of capacity
11-6  Convert Metric Units of Mass
11-7  Problem solving with Metric Units
11-8  Attending to Precision
Topic 12  
12-1  Analyze line plots: here
12-2  Make line lots:  practice :here
12-3  Solve Word Problems with Line Plots
12-4  Critique reasoning
Topic 13  

Order of Operations: xp math : here

                               Order of Operations Black Operations Game: here

Order of Operations Heist: here 

13-2 Evaluate Expressions
13-3 Write Numerical Expressions
13-4 Interpret Numerical expressions
Topic 14  

The Coordinate System: Soccer Coordinate Game:( first quardant ) here

                                    Homer Donut Challenge ( all  quadrants ) here

14-2 Graph Data Using Ordered Pairs
14-3 Solve Problems Using Ordered Pairs
14-4 Reasoning with Ordered Pairs
Topic 15  
15-1 and 15-2 Numerical Patterns
15-3  Analyze Graph Relationships
 Topic 16   
 16-1 Classify Triangles
 16-2 and 16-3 Classify Quadrilaterals; Call of Quadrilaterals Game  : here
 16-4 Construct Arguments



 Step Up to Grade 6  
 lesson 1 Understand Integers
 lesson 2 Compare and Order Integers 
 lesson 3 Rational Numbers on the Coordinate Plane
 lesson 4 Understand Ratio
 lesson 5 Understand Rates
 lesson 6 Understand Percents
 lesson 7 Fraction Decimal and Percents
 lesson 8 Divide Fractions 
 lesson 9 Divide Whole Number by Fractions 
 lesson10 Area of Parallelograms and Rhombus