Welcome Students, Parents, and Guardians:
       As we prepare for the second semester of the school year, please continue to monitor your child's progress through the portal since the students are expected to maintain a grade of 80 or higher. If a student has a grade below 80 at the time of progress reports, please call the school at 884-6677 to schedule a team conference, or send me an email to schedule a conference. It is my desire that all students excel in their learning experiences in order to be prepared for the next level; however, in order to achieve this goal, I will need your help. Parents, I am here to facilitate your child's learning experience, and help him or her become an independent thinker. You are an essential piece to your child's learning experience. Please make sure that your child comes to school, and prepares for his or her classes. Again, thank you for helping me continue to make this a meaningful learning experience for your child, and thank you for allowing me to assist your child in being successful and excelling in his or her academic learning! By working together, we can make a difference in your child's education. Using my email address, yswinson@liberty.k12.ga.us, is the most efficient way to contact me; you will receive a prompt response.