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Shady Structure Project


For the last couple of weeks your child has been learning about the light and heat energy that comes from the sun.  Last week they created shadows when something came between the sun and the Earth.  


This week we will be Engineers and design a structure that will shield us from the sun.


Read the following short story about keeping our little monsters cool:


  Shady Structure Story.pdf 


Next open up the following pages.  Have your child cut out and color their monster or they can use a small toy they have.  Help them brainstorm different things they could go in when they are out in the sun to get some shade.  There is a page of suggestions. Draw a picture of your plan. Then use paper, cardboard towel rolls, anything around the house to build your structure.


 Shady Structure Instructions and Ideas.pdf 


Take your shade structure and monster or toy figure outside on a sunny day and see if they are protected from the sun.  


Have fun and keep cool!