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Kindergarten Weeks of May 18 and May 25


Last week you and your child read a book about our nearest star, the Sun.  Your child learned that the Sun gives us two kinds of energy, heat and light.  


This week we want to observe a pattern that happens when something comes between the Earth's surface and the Sun (shadows).  


Listen to the following book Bear's Shadow.  Before reading ask you child to listen for all the silly ways that Bear tried to get away from his shadow.  


Bear's Shadow Read Aloud


What were the ways Bear tried to get rid of his shadow?  My first favorite is nailing it down and my next is digging a hole for the shadow.  Can you really ever get away from a shadow?  


Have your child cut out one or more of the pictures on the following page and attach it to a craft stick, straw, or a small stick from the yard.  Go outside on a sunny day and create a shadow on the sidewalk.  If you have sidewalk chalk you could trace it and color it in.  


 Shadow template.pdf 


If you don't have a sunny day you could print out the following page and use a flashlight indoors and trace the shadow on the following page.  


 Blocking Sunlight Recording Sheet.pdf  


The conclusion is whenever something comes between the Sun and the Earth it creates a shadow.  


Have a great week!