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Welcome back from Spring Break!


The last time you went to my website the lesson was about exploring technology around your home. Remember, Technology doesn't have to be electric or have batteries.  It is anything that solves a problem and makes our lives better. 


The people that design  these technologies are Engineers.  Ask your child if they remember the Engineering Song sung to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."  

Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create 

Then Improve and it is GREAT!

You can be an Engineer,

Have ideas, but have no fear.

Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create

Then Improve and it is GREAT!  


Open the link below to listen to the story and learn the hand motions.  Find out what problem the main character has and how he solves it.  


Muncha Muncha Muncha



 I hope you enjoyed the story, especially the hand motions!

Ask your child what was the problem?  How did he try to solve it?  Did the wall work the first time, the second time, the third time?  He was being an Engineer trying to solve the problem, but he didn't give up.  He kept on Improving.  


You and your child could try building a wall to protect a "garden."

Get a piece of paper and have your child draw a garden with yummy vegetables they like to eat.  

Open below for an example:


 Mrs. Colin's Garden 



Then collect any materials from around the house to build a wall around the garden.  I save recycled paper tubes, washed meat trays, paper, construction paper, straws.  And of course we need to use "our best friend" tape to make it strong and sturdy.  Before your child starts ask them what a garden needs to grow.  You don't want to put a roof on and block the sun and rain.  


Here's a picture of my wall.  It's not beautiful, but my little springy bunnies won't get in!  



I hope you enjoyed the story and being an Engineer!

Send me a picture if you can!


I miss you!  Stay safe and healthy!