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I know adjusting to this new home instruction has been very challenging to everyone's households.  I really miss being in the classroom interacting with your children and experiencing their excitement when we move on to the next step in our Engineering Design Process.  We were at one of the best parts when we left:  Testing Materials.  I really wanted to complete that step with them before moving on to planning and creating so I sent home another one of Engineering is Elementary's Engineering stories to keep them engaged and thinking like an Engineer. 


With our extended closing I would like to try to adapt our Aerospace Engineering unit for the home.  


I know everyone is not available at a certain time due to work and helping other children with learning but on Tuesday, March 31, The Museum of Science in Boston is doing a Webinar from 10:00 to 10:30 on Aerospace Engineerng and parachutes.  You will find the link in the Main Menu of my Webpage to register.   


The following project can be completed over the next two week period because I see your child every other week for five 40 minute periods.  This will give you the flexibility to work on it.  


If you have a printer you can print the attached pages out.  If not, you can just use a plain piece of paper to record on.  


 Engineering Design Challenge Second Grade.docx 


 Parachute Recording Sheets.pdf 


 Parachute Plan Example.pdf