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GT STEM First Grade Assignment

March 30 - April 24


When we left school on March 17th your child had a book to read entitled Galya's and Natasha's Rocky Adventure.  They were learning about the properties of different kinds of rocks and which would be the best to carve into to create a petroglyph.  


This project is only intended to be a one week project since I see your children every other week five days for 40 minutes. So you have the flexibility to finish it over the next two weeks.  I have attached a power point presentation that will present the three different kinds of rocks, how they were formed, what their characteristics are, and the names of just of few of these rocks.  If you have access to a printer, you can download and print the following paper to take notes.  If not, don't worry just take notes on a plain piece of paper.  


 Sorting Rocks.pdf 



 Three Types of Rocks Powerpoint - First Grade.pptx 


If and only IF you wish to do a little sorting project, you could download, print, and cut out and glue the following pockets to sort the rocks.  If not, go outside and look for more rocks and see if you can identify them.  If you want to send a picture to my e-mail, I would love to hear from you!   

 Interactive Notebook.pdf