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Week of March 30 - April 3, 2020


This week is Mrs. Russell's, Ms. Adam's, Mrs. Casterline's, and Mrs. Bakely's week for STEM.


Most of this year we have been talking about the S in STEM which stands for Science and the E in STEM which stands for Engineers.  We have been exploring Science using the Scientific Method or as your child would know it by "doing experiments." We have been practicing being Engineers by following the steps of the Engineering Design Process.


This week we will be talking about the T in STEM which stands for Technology.  Technology is all around us.  But it doesn't have to be electrical or battery-operated.  Technology is any thing designed by a person to solve a problem or make our lives better.  Have fun with the link below designed by the Museum of Science in Boston which has you and your child looking for technology all around your home.  Then get up and dance to the two fun Technology songs that follow.  

Have a great week!  




 Technology at Home.pdf 


Technology Song


Technology Dance