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Welcome to the art room website! I am in the school Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I am teaching virtually on zoom. If you need to contact me e-mail is best. I will try to respond to your question and concerns in a timely manner. 


I look forward to hearing from you! Please check out the Artsonia web museum to see art work from the Quinton students. Although I have not added any new work this year, I hope to collect some of the art work completed at home and add it to your childs portfolio. Please see that your child keeps completed art work in a safe place. You can click on the link to the left to see past art work.


 I am continuing to pilot the student driven pedagogic approach to art in grades 1-5. This approach is called Teaching For Artistic Behavior or TAB for short. TAB is a nationally recognized choice based approach to teaching art. Please see the links to the left for a detailed explantion of this exciting  program and to see the value of choice a TAB classroom. Although we are now learning art virtually, my intention is to continue to offer choices in the learning at home environment.