Dear Parents, Families, and Friends,

We are in the home stretch of this awesome school year.  Graduation is in our view!!!!!  We are onto unit 6 in Math.  This unit is all about "Addition and Subtraction", and "Sorting, Counting and Graphing Objects." The focus of the unit is to add and subtract numbers within five and ten; making the different combinations for numbers though ten, and using sorting and graphing to tell how many of each object there is, as well as formulating and solving word problems. Please continue to review teen numbers with your student.  We must continue to work hard to meet our learning targets.   In reading, please work on decoding words, sight words, formulating and writing sentences, and reading and writing daily!!!!!!  Please remember to check communication folders each day.  Homework will be given daily so that learning can be reinforced and expanded at home.  Please support your student by making sure that they complete and return homework daily.  I have already sent home the list of sight words that your student must master for the year.  Once words are mastered, replace them with new words, and continue this until all words are mastered.  Please practice daily to help your student learn his/her sight words.  There is no magic formula for learning them.  You may try flash cards, making two sets and playing concentration, or Go Fish.  If you have any questions, please call the school to make an appointment at (912 -884 - 3326), or you may e-mail me at  We will be taking the Star Test in reading soon to assess how well students are reading and comprehending text.  Daily reading, sight word mastery, and asking/answering questions after reading will help students excel on the Star Test.  Please look for newsletters and correspondence so that you can keep abreast of important dates and upcoming events in our classroom, and in our school setting. Thank you for your support and commitment to your child's success. 



Laura Butler