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I recently completed training for the eMints program.  eMints is a program designed to enhance learning through high quality lesson design and inquiry-based  learning.  Here is a summery of eMints.


The eMINTS National Center is a non-profit organization that has provided comprehensive research-based professional development services to educators since 1999. It is a business unit within the University of Missouri partnered with the Missouri Departments of Elementary and Secondary Education and Higher Education. eMINTS began in Missouri – its name an acronym for the project enhancing Missouri’s Instructional Networked Teaching Strategies. Today eMINTS can be found in classrooms across the United States and in New South Wales, Australia.

eMINTS professional development uses interactive group sessions and in-classroom coaching/mentoring to help teachers integrate technology into their teaching using an instructional model that

  • supports high-quality lesson design
  • promotes inquiry-based learning
  • creates technology-rich learning environments
  • builds community among students and teachers


To learn more about eMints visit: