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Mission Statement: 

The mission of the Ridge Dance Department is to provide access to a high quality dance education for all students with an emphasis on developing an understanding and appreciation for dance through performance, choreography, technique and reflection. The curriculum allows each student to cultivate their unique voice as an artist through the creative process, constructive dialogue, and performance opportunities. The nurturing and supportive environment allows students to learn and grow as a community through the art of dance. 


Course Description:

Dance III is for the student who is either interested in Dance Performance or Dance Education as a career, or who exhibits a high level of ability. Through repertory, choreography projects and mock teaching experiences, students will be challenged to expand their artistic abilities, technical skills and teaching techniques. Choreography projects include the creation of a dance for classmates and the development of a solo for performance and/or college/professional auditions. Students will also prepare a portfolio for auditions. Our units of study will be:


  • Modern

  • Musical Theatre Dance

  • Ballet

  • Dance History

  • Improvisation/Choreography

  • Performance 

  • Dance Analysis 

  • Dance Education


Note: Performance in the Winter and Spring Dance showcases are a requirement of this course. 


Requirements (for every day of class):

Dance Attire 

  • Leotard or form fitted tank top

  • Tights or leggings

  • Jazz Shoes for Spring (color to be determined)


Note: It is recommended that you purchase your dance attire and shoes from Accents Dancewear in Berkeley Heights. This store knows the Dance III shoes you need and will provide a discount.

Accents Dancewear (next to the Primrose School)

258 Springfield Ave.

Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922



*Students who do not change will not receive credit for the class period.*


  • Hair must be off of face and neck (i.e., ponytail)

  • Remove dangling earrings, necklaces or bracelets



  • 1-inch 3 Ring Binder

  • Notebook or notepaper inserts

  • Pen or Pencil

  • No Gum Chewing please!



  • Students must be prepared everyday with the requirements above.

  • Absences:

    • Students are expected to hand assignments in on time. If absent, written/movement quizzes/exams must be made up within 3 school days of the date given. Late assignments or failure to complete a written/movement quiz/exam will result in a lowered grade. It is the student’s responsibility to remember to hand in a late assignment and/or arrange a time to make up a written/movement quiz/exam

  • A written exam and movement exam will be administered at the end of each unit.

  • Students are allowed to re-do assignments and quizzes/exams one time within one week of the due/test date to demonstrate mastery of content.  Please see Mrs. Miranda for further details.

  • Attendance Policy: Refer to the Ridge High School Student Handbook regarding absences and tardies. 

  • Academic Integrity: Refer to the Ridge High School Academic Integrity Guidelines

  • Students are expected to respect and care for all equipment used in class, the dance studio and the green room (changing room).

  • Students are expected to participate by learning the movement and keeping a positive attitude. 

Try your best!


Assessment/Grading Policy:


- Class Participation (including Dance Showcase performance) (30%)

- Student Choreography Project (25%) 

- Preparedness (10%) 

- Unit Exam (15%)

- Journal (15%)

- Dance Education Project (20% - MP 4 only)

- Homework  (5%)


What are the classroom procedures?

1. Report to the Green Room to change into your dance attire, hair back, no gum, jewelry off. You will have three-four minutes to change at the beginning of class and three-four minutes to change at the end of class.

2. Bring any medical/parent notes, late assignments to Mrs. Miranda.

3. When traveling to the studio, please wear your street shoes and cover ups. Do not wear your dance shoes in the hallway.

4. Remove street shoes upon entering the dance studio, put shoes in the cubby, materials in the locker and await the Mrs. Miranda’s instructions.

5. At the conclusion of class, students will put their street shoes on, gather materials and go to the Green Room to change. 


What happens if I am not able to dance during class?

If a student is not able to dance in class due to lack of dance clothes, illness or injury, the student must complete an injury participation assignment for class participation credit. Students with extended absences due to illness/injury will be given long term assignments. 


Injury Policy:

All injuries need to be communicated with Mrs. Miranda before the start of class.  All injuries must be assessed by the school nurse. Any student sitting out due to an injury must complete an injury participation assignment during that class time. Completing any schoolwork outside of dance will result in losing all participation points for that day.  


Any student who has a long-term injury must provide a doctor’s note.  After the note is presented, the student will be given a dance project to work on during class time in order to earn daily participation points.  Anyone returning from a long-term injury will need to be approved by their doctor and must provide Mrs. Miranda with a note from the school nurse before being permitted to dance again.  

What happens if I am late to dance class?

If you are late to dance class and we have already left the Green Room, you will not be able to change. Therefore, you will not be in proper attire to dance and will need to complete an injury participation assignment.

If I miss a class, how do I catch up on what I missed?

Students who miss class must either catch up during tutorial (period 8) or learn movement from other students. Check Google Classroom for missed work. 


Can I bring food, drinks or cell phones to class?

No food or drinks are allowed in the studio. Water only! 


Student devices will be used in this course. Use of your cell phone must fall into class expectations and the BYOD district policy.


Need help? Ask! 

Please see me if you ever need help; do not wait until the last minute to ask for help. My email address is I am looking forward to a great year!