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Social Skills Dance





Mission Statement: 

The mission of the Ridge Dance Department is to provide access to a high quality dance education for all students with an emphasis on developing an understanding and appreciation for dance through performance, choreography, technique and reflection. The curriculum allows each student to cultivate their unique voice as an artist through the creative process, constructive dialogue, and performance opportunities. The nurturing and supportive environment allows students to learn and grow as a community through the art of dance. 



In this course, students will explore multiple dance forms while building movement skills, social skills, kinaesthetic awareness and an appreciation for dance. Our units of study will be:


  • Jazz/Musical Theatre

  • Choreography

  • Performance 


Note: Students in this course are invited to perform in the dance showcase.


Requirements (for every day of class):

  • Dance Attire

    • Comfortable Clothes, such as:

      • Jazz, Yoga or Athletic Pant 

      • Form-fitted t-shirt 


Note: Students’ clothing will be washed at Ridge every Friday so there is no need to bring clothes home every week. If you prefer to wash your child’s clothing instead please inform Mrs. Miranda via email immediately,


  • Hair must be off of face and neck (i.e., ponytail)

  • Remove dangling earrings, necklaces or bracelets

  • Pen or Pencil

  • No Gum Chewing please!



  • Students are expected to have comfortable clothing for every class.

  • Students are expected to participate by learning the movement.

  • Students are expected to keep a positive attitude. Try your best!

  • Students are expected to respect and care for all equipment used in class, the dance studio and the green room (changing room).


  • Students who wish to perform in the dance showcase must have regular attendance in class.


Assessment/Grading Policy:

  • Class Participation (including Dance Showcase performance) (75%)

  • Preparedness (15%)

  • Journal (10%)


What are the classroom procedures?

1. Report to the Green Room to change into your dance attire, hair back, no gum, remove jewelry. You will have five minutes to change at the beginning of class and five minutes to change at the end of class.

2. When walking to the studio, please wear your street shoes. 

3. Remove street shoes upon entering the dance studio, put shoes in the cubby, materials in the locker, sit against the back wall and await Mrs. Miranda’s instructions.

4. At the conclusion of class, students will gather materials, put their street shoes on, and go to the Green Room to change. 


What happens if I am late to dance class?

If you are late to dance class and we have already left the Green Room, you will not be able to change. Please meet us in the dance studio.


Need help? Ask! 

Please email me if you ever need help. My email address is I am looking forward to a great semester!