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Please use the following resources to assist with your quest to become a better reader. 


Khan Academy-Khan Academy just released the first version of reading comprehension practice. It is grouped by grade level. Khan recommends starting at your grade level and doing 1-2 practice sets per day (or 10 practice sets per week). This should take about 10-20 minutes per day.  If you find it difficult, it is completely okay to start at an earlier grade level. Likewise, if you find the passages and questions to be easy, feel free to move to higher grade levels.




KidNuz-There’s a whole lot going on in the world these days and not all of the news is kid-friendly. Kidnuz informs in a way that explains, but doesn’t overload, kids. Their mission statement says it all: “To engage the next generation with news that will inform without fear and educate without opinion.”


Tumblebooks-TumbleBooks is a pay-for-use site that traditionally sells licenses to libraries and schools. Students can follow along as the text is read them to help improve comprehension and fluency.  Choose from picture books to chapter books.  Atlantic County Library has free access to TumbleBooks. Read along with interesting books online. Go to Atlantic County Library website and click the tab entitled: Digital Media. Scroll down and click Tumblebooks.(You may need to input your library card number to access.)


Unite for Literacy-Looking for a good book to read? Unite for Literacy provides children access to an abundance of books celebrating different languages and cultures. A Digital Library for elementary youngsters.


FunBrainFunbrain is a free resource that includes books, games, and videos for students. Students can browse content by grade level (pre-K to 8) or content (games, videos, reading, playground, and math zone).


Smithsonian TweenTribune- High interest, non-fiction quick reads that includes a quiz and student comment feature. It is a great non-fiction news site with a wide variety of articles wrtitten at differentiated Lexile levels. Grades K-12.


News-o-matic- Due to COVID-19 virus, News-o-matic is offering free access to News-O-Matic for teachers, parents, and children through June 30. Click on this link and fill out the form and you will have free access. News-o-Matic offers stories that are updated daily and include an array of different topics. They are just long enough to provide a reasonable amount of information without overwhelming students grades K-8. 


Storynory-An online treasure-trove of free audio stories. You can listen to a mixture of original stories, fairytales, and specially adapted myths and histories. Storynory has published an episode every week since 2005, so there is plenty to love and something for everyone.


National Geographic for Young Learners National Geographic Young Explorers is a magazine designed specifically for kindergarten and first grade students.  Children can listen to the magazine being read to them as they follow along with the highlighted text.  It is a great way to bring interesting non-fiction stories into reading center time.


Into the Book-This is an award winning educational resource focusing on reading comprehension strategy. 


Book Pals-This site provides an on-line streaming video program featuring Screen Actors Guild members reading children's books out loud. 


Audible-Free Audio BooksStream an incredible collection of stories, incuding titles across six different languages, helping our youngsters continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids. All stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet. Explore the collection, select a title, and start listening.



Between the Lions Early Reading PreK-1st GradeHelp students "Get Wild About Reading"


Between the Lions Upper Elementary-Help students "Get Wild About Reading"



Meet Your Next Great Book-This free site is a great resource to find books. It provides a variety of genres and summaries of current selections.


Reading Time-The books on this list come highly recommended by kid readers from all over the country for grades 6th-8th.



The Learning Network-This blog from the New York Times (NYT) features free standards-aligned daily lessons on civics, social studies, history, and other topics related to current news and events. Quizzes, activities, and a student version of the NYT crossword offer more opportunities for learning in the classroom or at home. You must be at least 13 years old.


Because of HER Story -March is Women's History Month. The Smithsonian invites students to explore their women's history initiative site. Explore the stories of women who have shaped America as we know it through their work, creativity, and resolve. 



Podcasts for Gades 3-5


Brains On!Got curiosity? You've found the right place. Brains On is a science podcast that answers questions from kid listeners around the world. They help us by interviewing scientists and co-hosting the show.


Forever Ago-Forever Ago is a history show for the whole family. Every episode explores the origin of one thing--like sandwiches, video games and clocks – while teaching listeners to think critically about the past. 



Podcast for Tweens in Middle School-


The Radio Adventures of Eleanor Amplified-Listen as world famous radio reporter Eleanor foils devious plots, outwits crafty villains, and goes after The Big Story. Eleanor's pursuit of truth takes her into orbit, out to sea, and even to the halls of Congress! Her adventures are entertaining and informative. It is appropriate for kids of all ages and recommended for kids ages 8-12.


Star Talk Radio-Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about all things space: stars, planets, humans in space, and so much more. He also interviews a lot of amazing people, from Buzz Aldrin to Alan Rickman.