Welcome to the Music Room where we sing, dance and play instruments to music from around the world.

My name is Elaine King and I, along with the rest of the “Special” area teachers, use a Multicultural approach to Arts Education. This year your children will be “traveling” with me to many of the former colonies of Great Britain.  We will make stops in India, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and England where we will learn about their history and culture…and of course, their music.  Our study will culminate in our all school production of “MOOMBA” - ARTS NIGHT 2012.  Mark your calendar now! May 31, 2012 at 6:30 pm in the Brigantine Elementary School.

Grading Policy

The grade your child receives from me is based on 3 main areas: Class Participation, Behavior and Musical Accomplishment.  I do evaluate each child’s ability to use their singing voice accurately, and stress this throughout everything we do.  After all, our voice is the one musical instrument we have with us always.  I also asses their ability to move and play instruments with a steady rhythm. 

In 3rd grade, every child receives a Recorder - a flute like instrument.  This is when the children learn to actually read music and perform songs.  I use the “Recorder Karate” approach, where they receive a different colored “belt” for each song they can successfully perform. In this case, their grades will be affected by the amount of progress they are able to make.

Ukulele and Guitar Classes
This year I am happy to be able to offer Ukulele Classes along with Guitar Classes to 3rd and 4th grade students.  These classes are before or after school, and are free of charge to all students.  Please see Extra Class and Rehearsals for schedule of times.