Updated Reading & Language Arts Classroom Curriculum

Author Research Power Point Project- Due Wed., May 31st


Current Reading Selection- The Gymnast


 Comprehension Skills-Drawing Conclusions


 Vocabualry Skills-Suffixes:-ion, -ish


**Please note that the weekly selections tests ARE NOT on the selection details but rather the SKILLS that are taught for that selection.**

The break down of the READING SELECTION TEST is divided into 3 categories: Vocabulary, Comprehension & Open-Ended

The level of dificulty for each category determines the value of the points for each correct response. 
Vocabulary=5pts. ea. for selection words(with PARTS OF SPEECH), 3 pts. for new words in context
Comprehension= 5pts. each
Open-Ended= 10pts. 
Each category total is then added for the overall test score. 





Classroom Rules
-It is the responsibility of the student to conduct themselves in a manner in which they will maintain a positive learning environment.  Students should show respect to their teacher and fellow classmates.  If a student is unable to behave as such the consequences may be an afterschool detention with the teacher or with Mr. DiGiovanni, depending upon the severity of the behavior. If the problem behavior persists a Saturday detention will be assigned.  Parents will be notified of any and all detentions prior to their occurence.

Homework Policy

FULL CREDIT(100%)- Completed correctly on-time

Completed 1 day late

-Students are responsible for making up any missed assignments as quickly as possible.(Please be sure to check the assignments online to see what has been assigned while absent or notify the main office that you would like a Homework Assignment sheet sent to the teachers.) If assignments are not completed, they will be considered incomplete.

Grading Policy

: Tests-60%, Homework-10%, Classwork/ Participation-30% (raising hands to answer or ask questions, being prepared for class:having pencils,homework,folders,and workbooks)

Language Arts: Graded Writing-60%, Grammar Quizzes-20%, Homework-20%,

Grades are availbale on the
Grade Portal for current updates of student progress.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at 266-3603 (ext. 2510 or email me at chaneman@brigantineschools.org