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Welcome to the Brigantine Elementary Art

Online Virtual Art Gallery SPRING 2020!




Check out the awesome artwork the children created last SPRING during at home instruction.

Our most recent unit in the Elementary Art Room has been learning about the Southwest and their indigenous people.

Check out some of the fantastic Grand Canyon Landscapes and gorgeous Anasazi Cliff Dwellings.

Plus a bunch of other fun stuff, too!



















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































H made a phenomenal Native American Portrait!





W made a wonderful Native American Cradleboard!





E's finished product! Native American Moccasins.




E and S working on their self portraits!



B and his mom decided to make REAL Moccasins!


A did a wonderful creation ONLINE!




C did her beautiful project ONLINE also!


I and K made gorgeous Native American Cradleboards!


I and K also participated in the "Get Well Seal" contest from the

Marine Mammal Stranding Center. 




M did a gorgeous ONLINE cradleboard!





M did his sloppy copy first of his beautiful Native American Landscape

and then converted it to his watercolor painting.




S made his tipi 3D! Way to go!




S had a great time making art from the Art for Kids Hub tutorials.







The T girls made a beautiful rainbow in response to Mrs. Fox's request to make rainbows and post them around our town of Brigantine.



S and E trying a new medium-beautiful work!!!








GORGEOUS! Amazing Native American Landscape by E!