Instructor: Mrs. Gragg

You are cordially invited to attend Arts Night 2016: EQ2, A European Quest II on June 2, 2016 at 6:30 pm until 8:30 pm at the Brigantine Elementary School. Please come and enjoy over 3,000 art masterpieces, 150 student performers, cultural foods, a glow in the dark hall, S.T.E.A.M. Family Project and

a Tribute to Mr. Donald Marrandino.

Our wonderful principal, Mr. Marrandino, will be retiring this year. Please come say farewell to him on this magical evening as we pay tribute to his 47 years of service to the

Brigantine School District.

*All children must be accompanied by an adult.





Welcome to the Elementary Art Room
Arts Night Central!
Arts Night 2016
JUNE 2, 2016
This year in your Specials classes we will be learning about Europe. During Special time we will explore Italy, France, Spain, and Bavaria (Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland). Please help us with this adventure by sharing your nationalities with your children. Our first project in art in 1st grade through 4th grade with be a family tree. PLEASE, please share your history with your child!

The Brigantine Elementary Art Room is a wonderful and exciting part of your child's Specials week. Each day, your child goes to a "Special". The Specials are art, music, gym, computers, and STEM. We, as the Specials team, teach in a thematic, goal oriented format each year based on the yearly global Arts Night theme. We teach our curriculum based on a Multicultural Approach to Arts Education (a BEST Practice Award winner). What that means for your child is that as we teach about places around the world in our individual classes, we, as Specials, each will reach your child in a different learning style.
If you are interested in volunteering we could use your help!
Throughout the year, we will be in need of volunteers to help get ready for the BIG DAY (Arts Night).
Please come join our Arts Night Family!


Every year, Arts Night needs helpers-loads of helpers. If you might want to be a volunteer for Arts Night, please email Mrs. Gragg at .

Once we begin having Arts Night set ups, we will post the calendar of when we will be meeting under the Volunteer Opportunities tab.

We provide dinner. Please come join us!



If you might like to sew our costumes, we could really use your help!

Sewing Meeting:

May 2, 2016 in the elementary music room at 7:00-7:30.



We greatly appreciate all of the assistance our volunteers provide.


Thank you in advance for joining our Arts Night family!



Arts Night Auditions:

Fourth Grade: April 20

Third Grade: April 21

Second and First Grade: April 22

Auditions will be held on the half days during conferences from 1:15-2:15. Please send in permission slip and be prepared to pick up your child at 2:15 at the back horseshoe by the music room. Thank you!



To receive messages via text about Arts Night updates please text this phrase:


to the number: 81010


That will join you to our group text REMIND. REMIND is a free, safe and simple messaging tool that helps teachers share important updates and reminders to students and parents.







Please check out our Arts Night webpage here.

To see Arts Night 2010 (the first EQ I): Eurasian Quest click here.

To learn more about the Elementary art curriculum, look under Curriculum.
Each year our students learn about a different global location. The year our Curriculum website was created we learned about MOOMBA II. This year, our global location is Europe.