Contact Information...


....Google Classroom
...School Phone Number: 266-3603
...To view your child's grades

What do you need for my class...

  • a notebook (provided by Mrs. Carlen)
  • novel (when assigned)
  • 2" three ring binder for handouts with 5 or more tabs
  • a pen (no RED) or pencil
  • planner to record homework and assignments
  • Google Classroom...set up your devices for notifications
  • Google Docs and Goggle Slides...use for projects, book reports, etc.


2015-2016 School Year...

...Students will be working on the following areas : decoding and word recognition, fluency, reading strategies, vocabulary and content development, comprehension skills, response to literature, inquiry and research, public speaking, questioning and discussion, poetry, and written response to text.

A List of Possible Activities...

  • computer projects
  • book reports
  • drama
  • Poetry Slam!
  • songwriting
  • bookmaking
  • scrapbooking
  • current events
  • resume writing
  • job application and interviews
  • designing a business
  • designing a travel brochure
  • preparing for PARCC Testing 
  • Talk Show


Advice from Mrs. Carlen...

...I encourage students to read independently at home.  Students who are avid readers thrive in other academic areas, as well as writing and test taking.