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            M. Brestle      7th and 8th Grades


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   7th Grade - The 7th grade Social Studies course will be United States History I, it will begin with events  leading up to and including the American Revolution; next, the US. Constitution will be analyzed and explored, followed by the early American government which will  focus on the 1st three Presidents. Changes in American Democracy will then be looked at,  especially during Jefferson's and Jackson's presidencies; also, the expansion of the United States will be analyzed particularly from the Louisiana Purchase, Manifest Destiny and the Mexican-American War. Finally, the causes, events and lessons of the American Civil War will be covered, ending with the Reconstruction of the United States.







   8th Grade- The 8th grade Social Studies course will be U.S. History II,Teddy Roosevelt

it will begin with the Industrial Revolution around the turn of the 20th Century then proceed to the Progressive reforms of that time period, followed by how the United States became a World Power.

Next, World War I will be studied followed by a look at US culture both good and bad by analyzing the  United States of the 1920's and 30's.

Causes and lessons from World War II will then be studied, followed by the problems and events of the Cold War. Finally, the culture and politics of the latter 20th Century will be presented, organized around the Presidents from the 1950's- 1980's. If time permits discussions of more current events will be included.





The underlying theme of both courses will be to develop the ability to see and analyze different perspectives, with the hope of leading the students up the cognitive ladder to abstract thinking, analysis and synthesis. Another side effect of this cognitive development will be a greater sense of tolerance and acceptance of other people and cultures.