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Paul Wiedeman


Health & Physical Education Teacher


[email protected]


Freshman Health Teacher


Boys Varsity Basketball Coach


Twitter:  HMHSBoysBKB



Course Description of Physical Education-


Physical Education is a class where students will develop overal personal fitness by exercising, developing skills, and gaining knowledge about personal fitness. This will be accomplished by participating in a dynamic fitness regimen and team sport / dual sport activities that we will be learning about throughout the year. Students will learn about the importance of exercise and how it relates to a healthy lifestyle.


Covid Phys Ed-


Our activities will be constantly evolving and modifications will be made because of covid guidelines and safety protocols.


We are currently allowed to do physica activities only outdoors and it is mandatory that all students wear masks outside. 

Any equipment we utilize will be disinfected with wipes.  




Students will complete 3 activity logs per week on canvas.  The activity will be at least 30 minutes in duration and must be kept track on the phone App Map My Fitness.  Students will upload their results on their phone to canvas. 


Each assignment is worth 3 points to their final grade.