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Music travels through time and space.  All music has direction.  It is a language that expresses beyond  words. 

Classroom Music

     Each grade level comes to the music room once a week for a 45 minute lesson to learn the language of music.  Students have the opportunity to sing, play classroom instruments, move and compose music.  Grades(Outstanding, Satisfactory,Needs Improvement or Unsatisfactory) are given to students in 3rd through 6th grade on their report cards each marking period. The grades are formulated using the star system format.  Short quizzes and projects are also used to assess student understanding.

                Star System- students are positively reinforced with visual recognition during each class (name on the board ,check, back check, cross beam  and inverted v to form a star.  Each symbol is worth 1 point. Weekly Class Participation Grades are recorded (4-5 pts=O, 2-3 pts = S, 1 pt +NI, 0=U) based on class conduct, activity performance and skill demonstration.
Band Program
     Students in grades 4th through 6th have the option of participating in our band program.  Most students begin instruction in the 4th grade.  After a year of instruction students are placed in the Advanced Band.  Beginning students who complete Standard of Excellence Book One in less than a year are promoted to the Advanced group. There are three key components to student achievement; lessons, rehearsals and practice charts.  Lessons are scheduled each week in a rotating group format to develop individual skills.  Practice charts are assigned to foster accountability and direction.  The primary objective for rehearsals is to teach students how to work together as an ensemble.

Nominations to South Jersey Elementary Honors Band are presented each March to their board of directors to recognize outstanding band members.  An award is given at each 6th grade graduation from the Gateway High Music Parents to an outstanding band member signed up to participate in their program. Advanced Band performs at the Winter and Spring Concerts, and from time to time civic events and in-school assemblies.  Beginner Band is introduced either at a special holiday or spring concert. 

Show Choir

         The Show Choir is for students who want to dedicate themselves to sing in a group that seeks to develop polished performances.  They perform at the Winter and Spring Concerts, and from time to time assemblies and civic events.  Rehearsals are on Thursdays from 3:00-3:30. Four students are selected from this group each year to participate in the South Jersey Choral Director's Honors Chorus during the month of March.


The Musical, a Wenonah tradition, has become the marquee event on the musical calender.  Auditions are held in January to put together the cast for the show.  After-school rehearsals begin the last week of January and run up until the performances which take place  either in March or April.