Released test questions:
These are sample questions from past administrations of the EOC. These questions and solutions have been released by the La Dept of Education and are a good tool to use for review. Each link opens a seperate PDF file.

2008 Released Test Items
2009 Released Test Items
2010 Released Test Items

Louisiana Eagle:
This is the website we use in class. I have assigned practice tests that review the information on the EOC test. Use the username and password that we use in class.

Louisiana Pass:
This is the website is more of a practice site than Louisiana Eagle. When taking practice tests on Louisiana Pass, you are given a hint the first time you enter the wrong answer and are given another chance. If you enter the wrong answer a second time, you will be shown the correct answer. To use Louisiana Pass, you will need to create an account for yourself. WHen creating the account, the initial username is "student" and the password is "tiger". Once you have entered this, you will be given a chance to create your own username and the site will generate a password for you.