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The kindergarten students have been working on jumping and leaping as they have been demonstrating their ability to do so through class activities and games. The students have also been learning how to properly make a soccer pass while trying to focus on accuracy. Students have been practicing chasing, fleeing, and dodging skills through drills and games like “Helping Hands Tag.” This game requires tagged students to squat down and wait to be “rescued” by two students who will help their classmate by each taking a hand and lifting them up and into the game again. Kindergarten students have also been working on locomotor skills with an emphasis on galloping as well as continuing to improve their ability to catch soft objects. The kindergarten students have also practiced identifying body parts and scrambling to match up with the called out body part of another classmate as fast as possible.   
First Grade
Students in the first grade have been participating in a lot of games that require them to run around without interfering with anyone else’s self-space. Students have been delivering mail (beanbags) to mailboxes (polyspots) using different locomotor skills in a team game that requires them to work cooperatively to complete the challenge in the shortest amount of time. The students have also demonstrated their knowledge of proper spacing and traveling at safe speeds in a game called “criss-cross” which has students trying to avoid making any contact with the students coming towards them as both groups switch sides. The first grade students have worked on jumping over a ball that is connected to a jump rope that I am spinning around. The students, who are standing in a circle, must try to anticipate the arrival of the ball at their feet and jump prior to having it hit their feet, allowing the ball to sweep right under them and continue its motion. The students have also been participating in cooperative relay races such as “Farmer and the Crow.” This has the children in each line taking turns between planting seeds (beanbags) or digging them up.      
Second Grade
The second grade students have been working on increasing their cardiorespiratory endurance through activities that require a lot of movement. The students have been working on jumping and leaping skills with extra challenges (touching their feet, bringing knees in towards chest, clapping three times) while in the air. The second grade students have also been working on catching various objects at different levels around their body. Students have had the option to use a self-toss method to practice catching or work with a classmate. The students have further worked on improving their endurance by completing jumping jacks in a game of chance which requires the students to perform 10 of them every time they correctly stand on the matching color polyspots to the ones I hold up. The goal of this activity is to see who can complete a total of 50 jumping jacks (completing 10 every time they correctly guess the colors for each round). 
Third Grade
The third grade students have been participating in games that have had a focus on catching. Students played a game of Throw-Ball, which is similar to baseball only without the use of a bat and which required the fielding team to complete four passes before the runner is able to stop accumulating points. The students have completed team catching challenges in which each team was able to remove a polyspot for each catch that the team was able to make while having one foot on the spot as well as participating in a gamed called Toss N’ Tag. The students have worked on completing some timed challenges such as seeing how many polyspots they could leap over in one minute. The students also participated in “Rock, Paper, Scissors Tag;” which was a fun way for them to increase their cardiorespiratory endurance. In this game the students who were designated as the rocks had to tag the students who were scissors, the scissors had to tag the paper, and the paper had to try and tag those who were rocks. 
Fourth Grade
The students in the fourth grade have been working on incorporating strategies into a lot of the games and activities they have been doing in class. Students had to decide whether or not to roll a ball fast and risk it going far beyond the “past line” it had to reach before they could pick it up, or decide if it would be better to do a softer roll so they could catch up to it, but face the possibility of it not crossing the designated line which would require them to try it again. The students played the game, “Chicken Run,” which is similar to “Capture the Flag” with a few rule modifications to keep children constantly involved. The fourth grade students have also been working on performing a lot of fitness skills such as sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, and jumping rope as well as sport specific skills such as catching footballs and kicking soccer balls towards a goal by completing a series of stations. Students in the fourth grade also participated in the game, “Interference.” This game has students trying to interfere with others or blocking their pathway without touching them to force them into taking a long time to cross from one side to the other. Students who cannot make it across are asked to help the others who are in the middle so that it becomes increasingly difficult for the travelers to get across and avoid the “interferers.”