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The kindergarten students have been learning about the rules and procedures for physical education class.  The students also worked on self-tossing scarves and catching them at different heights and levels in relation to their body position.  Students worked together in their classes to pass stuffed animals around in a circle as fast as they could with the hope of having them chase down another animal.  Students also began working on the concept of space-awareness and how to find areas inside the boundaries where they have room to perform individual skills.   



First Grade

The first grade students have had a lot of practice performing balancing challenges.  Students also participated in the game, “Thank You, You’re Welcome,” which requires moving around within the boundaries while balancing a beanbag.  If it drops, they must wait for another student (who is still balancing their beanbag) to come over and help them out by picking up and returning their dropped beanbag to them.  Students are reminded to use good manners by thanking the other students who help them.  The first grade students practiced making underhand tosses with beanbags towards a hula-hoop target from selected distances.  This was done to help the students improve their accuracy in addition to allowing me to check that they were stepping with opposition (lefty’s step forward with their right foot and vice versa). 



Second Grade

Students in the second grade have been tossing and catching beanbags with partners.  They also participated in underhand tossing challenges in which they were required to work together as a team to complete.  Students learned about symmetrical and nonsymmetrical shapes and demonstrated their ability to configure their body to represent each.  The second grade students started to jog for one minute and fifteen seconds at the start of each class.  The time that the students jog for will increase as they build up their cardiorespiratory endurance. 



Third Grade

Students in the third grade have been practicing fundamentals associated with the sport of soccer.  The students have been demonstrating their ability to trap the ball, pass it, shoot it, and play goalie.  Once the students have been introduced to all of the skills, they will try to apply the skills in modified games of soccer.  The students in the third grade have also worked on improving their agility and decision making skills, as they tried to stay in the circle ring for as long as they could without getting hit below the knees by a boulder (soft soccer ball) in the game, “Indiana Jones.”  Students making up the two rings of the circle (which create the pathway) are permitted to strike the ball using an open hand to have it try and track down the student in the middle.    


Fourth Grade

The fourth grade students just started their soccer unit and have been working on the skills involved in the game.  Students have been trying to improve on passing the soccer balls to classmates in addition to properly trapping the ball when it is passed to them.  The fourth graders have also been trying to improve their speed and control as they dribble a soccer ball while trying to tap the ball back and forth with alternating feet.  Students have started jogging for one minute and forty seconds at the beginning of each class.  Students will gradually try to increase on how long they can jog for in an attempt to increase their cardiorespiratory endurance.