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Spelling Lists



Second Grade

MP 1


Sept. 24th:  digraph sh Sept. 24th Words.docx          


Oct. 1st:  digraph ch Oct 1st words.docx                


Oct. 8th: Digraph th voiced Oct. 8th words.docx                


Oct. 15thDigraphs wh Week of Oct. 15th_.docx 


Oct. 22nd: Digraph th voiceless Oct. 22nd words.docx 


Oct. 29th:   Digraph qu Oct. 29th.docx 


MP 2

Nov. 12th : Floss Words Nov. 12th.docx 


Nov. 26th:  Initial Consonant Blends.docx


Dec. 3rd:   Initial Consonant Blends 2nd week b l.docx 


Dec. 10th: Consonant Blends 3rd week s w.docx  


Jan. 7th:    Ending blends nt st.docx 


Jan. 14th:  Ending blends lt and pt.docx 







Third/Fourth Grade 

MP 1 

Sept. 24th:  Initial-final Consonant Blends Sept. 24th Words.docx       


Oct. 1st: Floss Words Oct. 1st Words.docx 


Oct. 8th: Digraphs sh_ch Week of Oct. 8th_.docx


Oct.15th: Digraphs wh Week of Oct. 15th_.docx 


Oct. 22nd: Digraph th voiced week of Oct. 22nd.docx


Oct. 29th:  Digraph qu Oct. 29th.docx 


MP 2

Nov. 12th:   Digraph th voiceless Nov. 12th.docx


Nov. 26th:  Compound_Words.doc 


Dec. 3rd:  cvvc words.doc 


Dec. 10th:  blends with cvvc words.doc 


Jan. 7th: Multisyllabic Words with ng or nk endings.doc 


Jan. 14th:  -ed_endings.doc