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 Welcome to MHS Science! 



 I am grading the book work you did last week when I was out, I am going to enter a "0" if I do not have yours. You can still do it if you want. Complete the work and turn it in to me in the next couple of weeks (or when you come back from quarantine, etc.) This might give you incentive to make sure that you get it done. If you have been out, for whatever reason, just look at Jupiter and see what you are missing and get it turned in to me.  Contact me if you have questions, etc.


  Hello!  I'm Shawn Hirt and I teach science here at Midway.  I love teaching science and doing fun things!  I like to see my job as a "Coordinator of Scientific Learning Opportunities" because of how our classes operate and what is expected of students.  Usually upon entering our room you will see us actively engaged in hands-on activities and labs!  I hope students learn science while they are in my room, but my three primary goals for students are that they:  1)  Develop good Communication skills...written and oral, 2)  Learn to Cooperate in groups, and 3) Learn to Think Critically.  These three skills will prepare students for the working world, where, regardless of whatever job they have, they will need to communicate with co-workers and customers, cooperate in groups to complete jobs and assignments successfully, and have to think critically as our world and jobs constantly change.  So, I hope your student learns about cells, genetics, plants, animals and the human body, but while doing so, I hope they develop habits and skills that will help them in whatever future career they choose.

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For Classroom Rules and Procedures, click on link below:

Mr. Hirt's Classroom Rules and Procedures   

For Class Syllabi, click on links below:

Biology I Syllabus 

 Biology II Syllabus 

  Chemistry Syllabus 

Chemistry Information Note for Parents

  Physical Science Syllabus

ACT Syllabus



"Work While you Work..." 




(Use to calculate what you need on a final exam when you know both semesters)



Any student who needs help with any classes please contact me ASAP and schedule a time to meet!

I am usually available before school, after school and during lunch. I have Credit Recovery in the computer lab on Tues and Thurs during first lunch in the Spring, so if students need some help, a place to study, or a computer to take some practice tests, they are welcome to come then.

You can even call me if needed!


 Exam Policy...

It's my usual policy to allow students who are exempt from an exam to take the exam and see if it helps their grade.  If it does, great!  If the score hurts their grade, we won't count it.  This is a good way for students to get some extra credit and possibly raise their grade.


 Info Links for Parents and Students

(Just a collection of interesting, parenting advice I have found helpful.  You might too!)

How to Succeed in a College Science Class...

...just a good article about what students need to be prepared for after high school, and what we are working toward.

and Another One from Penn State.

  Two Simple Things Good Parents Do 

 Great Video about the Changing Nature of our World and It's Impact on Education..."Did You Know 3.0"

   Do More Expensive Colleges pay off for students?  See HERE.

 How to Teach Children that Success Comes from Failure Article

How cell phones are changing us socially and individually.

 Increasing Academic Rigor in Schools by developing student ownership and responsibility.

 How to Listen to Music while you Work...

Put Down the Phone...and help your Kids!

  How to Turn Down the Heat on Fiery Arguments

 How Parents Can Learn to Tame a Testy Teenager

Teenagers and Sleep (article with 4 min audio from NPR)

 More on Teens and Sleep

 Financial Aid Estimator


 "College Advice From a High School Counselor"


 Congratulations to DYLAN COWELL, winner of the MHS Senior Science Award for 20201!!!.



Guideline for the Senior Science Award

The senior science award is given each year during senior awards day in the spring to the best science student in our senior class.  Requirements for the award are similar to calculating GPA, except this is a students' science GPA.  (4pts given for each A, 3 pts for each B, etc.)  Ties would be broken by a students' best science score on any ACT taken.



Credit Recovery Info...

NEW (May 2021)!!!   Watch this video to learn how to do Credit Recovery and use Edmentum/PLATO... Link to Credit Recovery Info Video

Link to Credit Recovery Info Handout for Students and Parents


 For those of you who knew my pet Ball Python, "Killer", I have some sad news...he died in Spring of 2013.  He donated his body to science, as our Biology II class was just learning about Reptiles, we dissected him.  It appears something impacted his intestines and led to his death. See the video..."Killer" Dissection 


 Check below for powerpoints and videos seen and discussed in class!



(Parent Info Letter)


NEW!!!- Good Jobs without College?

18 Financial Rules of Thumb



   Study Guide From Board 

   Managing Income and Expenses Computer Term Quizlet

   Module 1 Quizlet Vocab Review



   ID Theft Game (Report identity theft and get a recovery plan)


   Quizlet Unit Review

   My Unit 2 Book Term Quizlet

   Study Guide from Board (11/6/17)



     Cost of Living Calculator

     NUMBEO Cost of Living Calculator

      Quizlet Review



   Types of Savings Accounts Info

   Risk Tollerance Quiz

      Quizlet Review



      "How to Access Your $ on the Road"

      Quizlet Review



   How to Read Policy Declaration Page

    Typical Components of an Auto Insurance Policy


   (It's a good idea for every 18yr old to have these signed...see Forbes article.)




   Unit 6 Quizlet Vocab Review




"Foundations in Personal Finance" - Dave Ramsey Curriculum



Financial Football Game

Moneytopia Game



Chapter 1 - Intro to Personal Finance Quizlet 


Ch 2 - Saving

Compound Interest Simulator 

Simple Interest Practice

Great Description of Simple and Compound Interest

Compound Interest Game

   Ch 2 Quizlet


Ch 3  Budgeting

How to Fill Out a Deposit Slip

How to Write a Check

How to Keep a Register Log

Pocketbooks App

Mint Budgeting App

Budgeting Online Activity


Dream Prom Online Activity

   Ch 3 Quizlet


Ch 4   Debt

Hidden Costs of Credit Activity Site

Managing Credit Online Activity

True Cost to Own Site

Car Depreciation Calculator

Debt Snowball Calculator

   Ch 4 Quizlet


Ch 5   Life After High School

      How to Pay Cash for College

      Financial Aid Videos...all are short...check them out....

         Overview of the FA Process

            How to Fill out the FAFSA

         After the FAFSA:  What Happens Next

            Hilarious FA Video!!!


   Ch 5 Quizlet


Ch 6    Consumer Awareness

   Ch 6 Quizlet


Ch 7   Bargain Shopping

   Ch 7 Quizlet


Ch 8    Investing and Retirement

   Ch 8 Quizlet


Ch 9    Insurance

   Ch 9 Quizlet


Ch 10   Money and Relationships

   Ch 10 Quizlet

   Sample Roomate Agreement


Ch 11    Career and Taxes

   Ch 11 Quizlet


Ch 12   Giving

   Ch 12 Quizlet 




Biology II

Link to TN Biology II Standards

Textbook Chapters and Sections have correlated TN Standards listed throughout.  Check the text for specific standards.



Ch 19 "Bacteria and Viruses"

   19.1 Bacteria PPT

      "The Old and Odd:  Archaea, Bacteria and Protists"  CC Video (12:16)

      "Archaea"  Bozeman Video (7:15)

      "Bacteria"  Bozeman Video (11:03)

   19.2 Viruses PPT

      "Viruses" Bozeman Video (8:05)

   19.3 Diseases Caused by Bacteria and Viruses PPT

   "Eukarya" Bozeman Video (7:13)


Ch 20 Protists

   20.1 The Kingdom Protista PPT

      "Protists"  Bozeman Video (5:06)

   20.2  Animal-like Protists:  Protozoans PPT

   20.3  Plant-like Protists:  Unicellular Algae PPT

   20.4  Plant-like Protists:  Red, Brown, and Green Algae PPT

   20.5  Fungus-like Protists PPT


Ch 21 Fungi

   21.1  The Kingdom Fungi PPT

      "Fungi"  CC Video (11:51)

      "Fungi"  Bozeman Video (9:13)

   21.2  Classificatin of Fungi PPT

   21.3  Ecology of Fungi PPT


Ch 22 Plant Diversity

   22.1  Introduction to Plants PPT

      "Plant Cells"  CC Video (10:27)

      "Plants"  Bozeman Video (7:46)

   22.2  Bryophytes PPT

      "The Sex Lives of NonVascular Plants"  CC Video (9:41)

   22.3  Seedless Vascular Plants PPT

   22.4  Seed Plants PPT

      "Vascular Plants"  CC Video (11:53)

   22.5  Angiosperms - Flowering Plants PPT

      "Plant Reproduction"  CC Video (10:23)


Ch 23  Roots, Stems, and Leaves

   23.1  Specialized Tissues in Plants PPT

      "Plant Structure"  Bozeman Video (13:36)


   23.2  Roots PPT

   23.3  Stems PPT

   23.4  Leaves PPT

   23.5  Transport in Plants PPT

        "Plant Nutrition and Transport"  Bozeman Video (14:06)


Ch 24  Reproduction of Seed Plants

   24.1  Reproduction with Cones and Flowers PPT

   24.2  Seed Development and Germination PPT

   24.3  Plant Propogation and Agriculture PPT


Ch 25  Plant Responses and Adaptations

   25.1  Hormones and Plant Growth PPT

   25.2  Plant Responses PPT

      "Plant Control"  Bozeman Video (7:53)

   25.3  Plant Adaptations PPT


Ch 26  Sponges and Cnidarians

   26.1  Introduction to the Animal Kingdom PPT

      "What Makes Us Animals"  Crash Course Video (8:50)

      "Animals"  Bozeman Video (8:07)

   26.2  Sponges PPT

      "Simple Animals:  Sponges, Jellies..."  Crash Course Video (11:30)

   26.3  Cnidarians PPT

Quizlet Vocab Review


Ch 27  Worms and Mollusks

   27.1  Flatworms PPT

   27.2  Roundworms PPT

   27.3  Annelids PPT

      "Complex Animals:  Annelids and Arthropods"  Crash Course Video (13:14)

   27.4  Mollusks PPT

Quizlet Vocab Review


Ch 28 Arthropods and Echinoderms

   28.1  Introduction to the Arthropods PPT

   28.2  Groups of Arthropods PPT

   28.3  Insects PPT

   28.4  Echinoderms PPT


Ch 29  Comparing Invertebrates

   29.1  Invertebrate Evolution PPT

   29.2  Form and Function in Invertebrates PPT


Ch 30  Nonvertebrate Chordates, Fishes, and Amphibians

   30.1  The Chordates PPT

      "Chordates"  CC Video (12:09)

   30.2  Fishes PPT

   30.3  Amphibians PPT


Ch 31  Reptiles and Birds

   31.1  Reptiles PPT

   31.2  Birds PPT


Ch 32  Mammals

   32.1  Introduction to the Mammals PPT

   32.2  Diversity of Mammals PPT

   32.3  Primates and Human Origins PPT


Ch 33  Comparing Chordates

   33.1  Chordate Evolution PPT

   33.2  Conrolling Body Temperature PPT

   33.3  Form and Function in Chordates PPT


Ch 34 Animal Behavior

   34.1  Elements of Behavior PPT

      "Animal Behavior"  CC Video (10:53)

   34.2  Patterns of Behavior PPT


Ch 35  Nervous System

   35.1  Human Body Systems PPT

   35.2  The Nervous System PPT

      "The Nervous System"  CC Video (12:03)

      "The Nervous System"  Bozeman Video (17:38)

   35.3  Divisions of the Nervous System PPT

   35.4  The Senses PPT

      "The Sensory System"  Bozeman Video (10:31)

   35.5  Drugs and the Nervous System PPT


Ch 36  Skeletal, Muscular, and Integumentary Systems

   36.1  The Skeletal System PPT

      "The Skeletal System"  CC Video (13:10)

   36.2  The Muscular System PPT

      "The Muscular System"  CC Video (12:51)

      "The Muscular System"  Bozeman Video (5:58)

VERSAL Frog Muscle Stimulation Computer Lab

   36.3  The Integumentary System PPT


Ch 37  Circulatory and Respiratory System

   37.1  The Circulatory System PPT

      "Circulatory and Respiratory Systems"  CC Video (11:39)

      "The Circulatory System"  Bozeman Video (11:34)

   37.2  Blood and the Lymphatic System PPT

   37.3  The Respiratory System PPT

      "The Respiratory System"  Bozeman Video (8:45)


Ch 38  Digestive and Excretory System

   38.1  Food and Nutrition PPT

   38.2  The Process of Digestion PPT

      "The Digestive System"  CC Video (11:52)

      "The Digestive System"  Bozeman Video (9:37)

   38.3  The Excretory System PPT

      "The Excretory System"  CC Video (12:20)


Ch 39  Endocrine and Reproductive System

   39.1  The Endocrine System PPT

      Endocrine Online Activity

   39.2  Human Endocrine Glands PPT

      "Great Glands:  Your Endocrine System"  (11:20)

      "The Endocrine System"  Bozeman Video (13:47)

   39.3  The Reproductive System PPT

      "The Reproductive System"  CC Video (12:02)

      "The Reproductive System"  Bozeman Video (8:59)

   39.4  Fertilization and Development PPT


Ch 40  The Immune System and Disease

   40.1  Infectious Disease PPT

   40.2  The Immune System PPT

      "Your Immune System"  CC Video (15:01)

      "Your Immune System"  Bozeman Video (13:46)

   40.3  Immune System Disorders PPT

   40.4  The Environment and Your Health PPT


 (the following is from the OLD Book and PPTs)


Ch 21 "Viruses and Bacteria"

Viruses Notes    Virus Notes.jpg 

Bacteria Notes    Bacteria Notes.jpg


Ch 22 "Protists"

Protist Powerpoint    Protist_Fungi (Start with This one).ppt 


Ch 23 "Fungi"

Fungi Powerpoint    fungi type- USE THIS ONE!.ppt  


Ch 24 "Introduction to Plants"

Kinds of Plants Notes    Kinds of Plants.jpg  

Adaptation of Plants Notes    Adaptations of Plants.jpg


Ch 25 Plant Reproduction

25.1 "Sexual Reproduction in Plants"    Sexual Reproduction in Plants 25.1.jpg 

25.2 "Sexual Reproduction in Plants"  pg. 1    Sexual Repro in Plants 25.2.jpg  

                                                                  pg. 2    Sexual Repro in Plants 25.2 pg2.jpg


Ch 26 Plant Structure and Function

26.1 Vascular Plant Body    Notes, pg 1    26.1 Notes- Vascular Plant Body.jpg

                                                            pg 2    The Vascular plant body 26.1 pg 2.jpg  

26.2  Transport in Plants      Notes    Transport in plants 26.2.jpg  


Ch 27 Plant Growth and Development

27.1 How Plants Grow and Develop       Notes     How plants grow and develop 27.1.jpg    

27.2  Regulating Plant Growth                 Notes     Regulating plant Growth and Development 27.2.jpg


Ch 28 "Introduction to Animals"

Intro to Animals Note site (click to go to site) 


Ch 29 "Simple Invertebrates"

Sponge and Cnidarian Note Site

Flatworm Note Site

Roundworm Note Site


Ch 30 "Mollusks"

Mollusk Note Site 

Annelid Note Site


Ch 31 "Arthropods"

Arthropod Note Site 


Ch 32 Echinoderms



Ch 34 Fishes and Amphibians

Fish Powerpoint...Chordates and Fishes.htm.ppt    

Fish Note Site

Amphibian Powerpoint...Amphibians.ppt   

Amphibian Note Site


Ch 35 Reptiles and Birds

Reptile Powerpoint...  Reptiles ppt.ppt

Reptile Note Site

Bird Powerpoint...  Birds1.ppt

Bird Note Site   


Ch 36 Mammals

Mammal Powerpoint...  mammals1.ppt   

Mammal Note Site


Ch 38 Introduction to Body Structure

Skin Notes...  Skin.jpg  Bozeman Science:  "Integementary System" video

Bone Notes (pg. 1)...  Bone Structure.jpg  (pg. 2) ...  Bone Structure pg 2.jpg

Muscles Structure and Contraction Notes...  Muscles and Contraction.jpg

Muscle Energy Notes (pgs. 1-5)...    Muscle Energy 1.jpg  /    Muscle Energy 2 (oxygen debt).jpg 

       Muscle Energy 3 (fatugue).jpg /    Muscle Energy 4 (muscle type).jpg  /   Muscle Energy 4 (threshold stimulus and contractions).jpg              


Ch 39 Criculatory and Respiratory Systems

(Blood/Heart structure and function in book)

Blood Typing Powerpoint...  Blood_Typing_Tutorial-1(2).ppt

Bozeman Blood Type Video (11 min)

Bozeman Circulatory Sys (12 min)

Crash Course Respiration and Circulation System (12 min)

Respiration Powerpoint...  Respiration.ppt  


Ch 40 Digestive and Excretory Systems

Digestion Notes (pgs. 1-5)    Digestion pg 1.jpg  /   Digestion pg 2.jpg   /   Digestion pg 3.jpg  

      Crash Course Biology:  The Digestive System (12 min)


Ch 42 Nervous System

     Colorblindness Cure Video


Ch 44 Reproductive System






Chapter 2 "Properties of Matter"

2.1 Classifying Matter describing matter.ppt

2.2 Physical Properties

2.3 Chemical Properties 


Chapter 3 "States of Matter"

3.1 Solids, Liquids and Gases states_pres.ppt  

3.2 The Gas Laws   gases_pres.ppt  

3.3 State Changes statechanges_pres.ppt


Chapter 4 "Atomic Structure"

4.1 Studying Atoms atom timeline.ppt atomic structure.ppt

4.2 The Structure of an Atom

4.3 Modern Atomic Theory


Chapter 5 "The Periodic Table"

5.1 Organizing the Elements

5.2 Modern Periodic Table periodic table.ppt

5.3 Representative Groups 


Chapter 6 "Chemical Bonds"

6.1 Ionic Bonding bonding intro.ppt naming ionic compounds.ppt    types of bonds.ppt

6.2 Covalent Bonding

6.3 Naming Compounds and Writing Formulas naming molecular formulas.ppt

6.4 The structure of Metals 


Chapter 7 "Chemical Reactions"

7.1 Describing Reactions chemchanges_pres.ppt

7.2 Types of Reactions  rxntypes_pres.ppt

7.3 Energy Changes in Reactions    rxnenergy_pres.ppt 

7.4 Reaction Rates    rxnenergy_pres.ppt 


Chapter 8 "Solutions and Acids and Bases"

8.1 Formation of Solutions   solnform_pres.ppt  PPT Video

8.2 Solubility and Concentration   solubility_pres.ppt  

8.3 Properties of Acids and Bases   acidsintro_pres.ppt    neutralization_pres.ppt  

8.4 Strength of Acids and Bases     acidstrength_pres.ppt  


Ch 15 "Energy"

8.1 Energy and Its Forms   energywork_pres.ppt  

8.2 Energy Conversion    potential-and-kinetic-energy.ppt  


Ch 16 "Thermal Energy and Heat"

16.1 and 2  Thermal Energy and Heat    energytherm_pres.ppt


Ch 11 "Motion"

11.1-11.3  Motion, Speed and Acceleration    Motion and Forces.ppt 

Vector Racer Online Game


Ch 12 "Forces and Motion"

12.1  Forces   Bal and UnBal Forces, Friction.ppt     Projectile and Circular Motion.ppt 

12.2 Newton's First and Second Law    F=ma, 2nd Law, Gravity.ppt     Newton's Laws...Short.ppt  

12.3 Newton's Third Law and Momentum    Third Law.ppt     momentum_pres.ppt  


Ch 17 "Waves and Sound"

Wave Characteristics PPT

Sound PPT



Bill Nye Waves Video (30 min)





Chemistry Powerpoints and Videos





(Especially if you need some review!  They are connected to the "Education Portal Chemistry Videos" link on the bottom of "Links" to the right of this page.)



Access Code for our Chemistry textbook website ( is:  AF183C6468


Ch 3 "Matter"

Sec 3.1 and 3.2 PPT

Sec 3.3 and 3.4 PPT



Ch 5 "Electrons in Atoms"

Electrons in Atoms SmartBoard Lecture

Electrons in Orbitals Video link

Electrons in Orbitals Video #2 link


Ch 4 "The Structure of the Atom"

Ch 4 PPT

Crash Course Biology Video:  "The Nucleus" (10 min)


Ch 6 "Periodic Table"
Ch 6 PPT


Ch 7 "Ionic Compounds"
Chapter 7 PPT

Naming Compounds Video


Ch 8 "Covalent Compounds"

Chapter 8 PPT


Ch 9 "Chemical Reactions"

Types of Reactions PPT

Ch 9 PPT

Balancing Reactions PPT


Ch 10 "The Mole"

The Mole PPT

The Mole Video (from Kahn Acad.)-10min

Ch 10 Book PPT

The Mole and Avogado's Number Video

Factor-Label Method Video

Mole Conversions Video


Ch 12 "States of Matter"

Ch 12 Book PPT


 Ch 13 "Gases"

Ch 13 Book PPT


Ch 14 "Solutions"

Ch 14 Book PPT

PPT on how to work Solution Concentration Problems


Ch 15 "Energy and Chemical Change"

Ch 15 Book PPT


Ch 18 "Acids and Bases"

Acid/Base Introduction

Acid Strength


Ch 18 PPT


Chapter 23 "The Chemistry of Life"

Ch 23 Powerpoint




TN Work Ethics Diploma Info

"It Pays to Prep" (site for guranteed scholarships in TN)

Link to TN ACT Standards


TN Governor's Schools 2019


ACT Holistic Framework Video (4:34)


FREE PRACTICE ACT SITE!  (Lots of tests and practice here!)





How to Take Better Notes


Mind Mapping! 


Mind Mapping #2 TED Talk (15 min)


Here’s How Highly Successful People Make Little Choices Different From the Rest of Us Article



#1...Words from the Crucible (32 words)

#2...Random Words (100 words)

#3...English Vocab (60 words)

#4 Math Vocab (48 terms)

#5 Random Words (59 words and short definitions)

#6 More Random Words (50 words with short definitions)





Personality Test of Myers-Briggs 16 Types

16 Personalities Test

Enneagram Personality Test

Photo Career Quiz Based on Holland Codes

Career Explorer Career Test

Princeton Review Career Quiz

World of Work Map

Occupational Outlook Handbook

O Net Explore Assessment

The Myth of "Doing What you Love"

CEI Activities Chart




"Choosing a College" WS Quizlet

Choosing a College Site

"Finding the Right College" WS Quizlet

"What School is Right for You?" WS Quizlet

"Majors" WS Quizlet

Choosing a Major Article

DebtSlapped "Planning for Post-Secondary Education" Activity


5 Ways to Build Lasting Self-Esteem


State of TN Info About Taking the ACT and Fee Waviers


Practice ACT Test - with Answer Key



   Online English Test

   Online Math Test

     Online Reading Test

   Online Science Test 

ACT Test Videos:   

   "How to Boost Your ACT Scores in 60 Minutes" (63 min)

      "10 Rules for 2 Extra Points on the ACT" (20 min)



Financial Aid PowerPoint... 



Khan Academy College Admissions

   - this is a GREAT series of videos and information about why a student should go to college, making high school count, exploring college options, how to apply and pay, then learning about what comes next.


English Test Practice Test (From


eBooks from ACT.ORG...

"Before, During and After:  3 Stages of Taking a College Enterance Exam"

"5 Questions All Jrs Should Ask"

"6 Ways to Prepare for What's Next"

"Avoiding the Senoir Slide:  How to Finish Strong During Your Last Year of High School"

"Financial Aid"

"Conquering Campus Visits"






 Biology I


Coronavirus Article link


WS for Coronavirus Article


Workbook Download Link

 Online Biology Book Site Link

Link to TN Biology I Standards

Interactive Sites for EOC Review

Textbook Chapters and Sections have correlated TN Standards listed throughout.  Check the text for specific standards.


(The Following PPT's are being corrected to correspond to our current textbook sections and info.  Section #'s on PPT slides may not reflect the actual chapter.)

Chapter 1 - The Science of Biology

      Sec 1.1 "What is Science?" PPT

   Quizlet Vocab Practice


Chapter 2 - The Chemistry of Life

   Sec 2.1-"The Nature of Matter"

   Sec 2.2-"Properties of Water"

   Sec 2.3-"Carbon Compounds"

      Crash Course Biology:  "Biological Molecules"

      Bozeman Sci:  "Biological Molecules"

   Sec 2.4-"Chemical Reactions and Enzymes"

      Amoeba Sisters:  Enzymes

      Enzyme Video Lab

   Quizlet Vocab Practice


Chapter 3-"The Biosphere"

   Sec 3.1 PPT - Introduction to Global Systems

      Bozeman Sci:  "Biotic and Abiotic Factors"

       Heating of Soil and Water Online Lab

      Crash Course Biology:  "Ecology"

      Bozeman Sci:  "Communities"

   Sec 3.2 PPT - Climate, Weather and Life

   Sec 3.3 PPT - Biomes and Aquatic Ecosystems

      Water Ecosystems Video  

      Ch 3 Quizlet Vocab Review


Chapter 4 - "Ecosystems"

   Sec 4.1 - Energy, Producers and Consumers

     Crash Course Biology:  "Ecosystem Ecology" 

    Bozeman Sci:  "Ecological Succession"

   Sec 4.2 - Energy Flow in Ecosystems

      "Food Webs and Energy Pyramids" Am Sis Video

     "Model Ecosystems" Computer Activity

   Sec 4.3 - Cycles of Matter

   CC "Nitrogen and Phosporus Cycles" (9:22)

   CC "Water and Carbon Cycles" (10 min)

   Am Sis:  "Carbon and Nitrogen Cycles"  (8 min)

   Bozeman Sci:  "Biogeochemical Cycling" 


         Keystone Species and Trophic Cascades Video (20 min) HHMI


       Exploring Trophic Cascades Activity


  Quizlet Flashcard Review


Chapter 5 - Populations

   Sec 5.1 - How Populations Grow

       Bozeman:  "Communities"


   Sec 5.2 - Limits to Growth

      Forest Fire Computer Simulation

      Crash Course Biology:  Population Ecology

   Sec 5.3 - Human Population Growth

      Quizlet Vocab Review


Chapter 6 - Communities and Ecosystem Dynamics

   Sec 6.1 - Habitats, Niches, and Species Interactions

      Bozeman: "Niches" Video (5 Min) 

      CC:"Community Ecology" (12 min)

   Sec 6.2 - Succession

       Bozeman" Ecological Succession" (7 min)

         Am Sis: "Succession" (6:24)

   Sec 6.3 - Biodiversity, Ecosystems, and Resilience

   Quizlet Vocab Review


Chapter 7 - Humans and Global Change

   Sec 7.1 - Ecological Footprints

   Sec 7.2 - Causes and Effects of Global Change

   Sec 7.3 - Measuring and Responding to Change

   Sec 7.4 - Sustainability


Chapter 8 - Cell Structure and Function

   Sec 8.1 - Life is Cellular

      Am Sis:  "Prokayotic and Eukaryotic Cells"

   Sec 8.2 - Eukaryotic Cell Structure

      Amoeba Sisters:  A Tour of the Cell

      Bozeman Science:  A Tour of the Cell

        Crash Course:  Eukaryopolis

      Quizlet:  Cell Organelles

   Sec 8.3 - Cell Boundries

      Crash Course:  Membranes

      Amoeba Sisters:  Cell Membranes

      Onion Epidermis Preparation Video (2min)

      Cell Membrane Kahoot

   Sec 7.4 - The Diversity of Cellular Life

   Ch 8 Quizlet Vocabulary Practice


Chapter 9 - Photosynthesis

   Sec 9.1 - Energy and Life

      Bozeman Science: "ATP"

   Sec 9.2 - Photosynthesis:  An Overview

        Amoeba Sisters:  "Photosynthesis"

          Bioman Photosynthesis Interactive

   Sec 9.3 - The Reactions of Photosynthesis

      Crash Course Biology: Photosynthesis

        Photosynthesis vs Light Distance Online Activity / Lab WS

      Bozeman:  "Photosynthesis" (12 min)

      Ch 9 Quizlet Vocabulary Review


Chapter 10 - Cellular Respiration

   Sec 10.1 - Chemical Pathways

      Amoeba Sisters:  "Cellular Respiration"

    Sec 10.2 - The Krebs Cycle and Electron Transport

      Crash Course Biology:  ATP and Respiration

         Bozeman Science:  "Cellular Respiration"

         Amoeba Sisters:  "Fermentation"

      Khan Academy: Intro to Cellular Respiration

      Khan Academy:  Krebs/Citric Acid Cycle 

   Quizlet Vocab Practice




Chapter 11 - Cell Growth and Division

   Sec 11.1 - Cell Growth

   Sec 11.2 - Cell Division

       Bozeman Science:  "Cell Cycle"

         Khan Academy:  "Interphase"

       Bozeman Science:  "Mitosis"

         Bozeman Science:  "Phases of Mitosis"

         Crash Course:  "Mitosis"

         Ameoba Sisters:  "Mitosis"

         Khan Academy:  "Mitosis"

         "Mitosis Mover" Bioman Game

   Sec 11.3 - Regulating the Cell Cycle

      Bozeman:  "What is Cancer?" (7 min)

      Computer Activity "Cell Cycle and Cancer"

   Sec 11.4 Cell Differentiation

         Amoeba Sisters "How Cells Become Specialized" (6 min)

   Quizlet Vocab Review


Chapter 12- Introduction to Genetics

   Sec 12.1 - The Work of Gregor Mendal

     "How Pea Plants Help Us Understand Genetics" video (3 min)

      "DNA From the Begining" Website...Intro to Gregor Mendal

            Pigeonetics Game!!

   Sec 12.2 - Probability and Punnett Squares

      Bozeman:  "Beginners Guide to Punnett Squares" (12 min)

      Crash Course Biology:  "Heredity"

      Punnett Square Virtual Lab

   Sec 12.3 - Exploring Medelian Genetics

      Amoeba Sisters:  "Incomplete Dominance, etc..."

      Bozeman Science:  Mendelian Genetics

   Sec 12.4 - Meiosis

      Bozeman Science:  Meiosis

   Sec 12.5 - Linkage and Gene Maps

      Chapter 12 Quizlet Review!


Chapter 13- DNA   

   Sec 13.1 - Identifing the Substance of the Gene

      History of the DNA Molecule Video

        "What is DNA?" from Stated Clearly

   Sec 13.2 - The Structure of DNA

       Bozeman Science "What is DNA?"

         DNA Origami Activity Site

   Sec 13.3 - DNA Replication

      DNA Replication - Amoeba Sisters

        "DNA Structure and Repliaction" from Crash Course

      Quizlet Vocab Practice


Chapter 14- RNA and Protein Synthesis

   Sec 14.1 and 14.2 - RNA and Protein Synthesis

      Amoeba Sisters:  "Why RNA is Just as Cool as DNA"

        Amoeba Sisters:  "Protein Synthesis"

        Bozeman Science:  "Transcription and Translation"

        "Transcription and Translation"  from Crash Course

         Transcription and Translation Interactive 

         Transcription and Translation Interactive II

    Sec 14.3 - Gene Regulation

   Sec 14.4 - Mutations

       "Mutations" from Amoeba Sisters

         "Cell Cycle and Cancer"  from Amoeba Sisters

      Mutation Computer Activity(NEW Sp21...with WS)

    Quizlet Vocab Practice


Chapter 13 - Genetic Engineering

   Sec 13.1 - Changing the Living World

   Sec 13.2 - Manipulating DNA

   Sec 13.3 - Cell Transformation

   Sec 13.4 - Applications of Genetic Engineering


Chapter 15 - The Human Genome

   Sec 15.1 - Human Heredity

      Colorblind Test

      Pedigrees Video - Amoeba Sisters

   Sec 15.2- Human Chromosomes

      Sex-Linked Traits Fruit Fly Virtual Lab

   Sec 15.3 - Human Molecular Genetics

      Create a DNA Fingerprint NOVA Lab (Needs Shockwave...have to use Explorer!)

        Gel Electrophoesis Online Activity

       Tracking Grizzlies Computer Lab (Versal)

      Quizlet Study Practice

      Gene Therapy Article, NPR (11/2017)


Chapter 16- Biotechnology



Chapter 17 -Darwin's Theory of Evolution

   Sec 17.1 - A Voyage of Discovery

      Stated Clearly:  "What is Evolution?"

   Sec 17.2 - Ideas that Influenced Darwin

      Darwin's Voyage and Ideas Video

       Population Biology Evolution Computer lab

   Sec 17.3 - Darwin's Theory: Natural Selection

       Peppered Moth Computer Simulation

      Crash Course Biology:  Evolution

      Snurffle Island Evolution Online Lab

      Bunnies Natural Selection Simulation

   Sec 17.4 - Evidence of Evolution


   HHMI Darwin Video: "The Making of a Theory" (30 min)

   CC Darwin and Wallace (13 min)

   Quizlet Vocab Practice


Chapter 18 - Evolution of Populations

   Sec 18.1 - Genes and Variation

         Natural Selection Simulation (Bunnies)

   Sec 18.2 - Evolution as Genetic Change

      Crash Course Biology:  Population Genetics

        Angry Aliens Evolution Game 

            (You have to live to the end of each game for game % to be saved!)

   Sec 18.3 - The Process of Speciation

      Crash Course Biology:  Speciation


   Quizlet Vocabulary Study Practice



Chapter 19 - Classification


   Sec 19.1 - Finding Order in Diversity

      HHMI Exploring Trophic Cascades Activity


   Sec 19.2 - Modern Evolutionary Classification


   Sec 19.3 - Kingdoms and Domains




Chapter 20 - The History of Life

   Sec 20.1 - The Fossil Record

      Bozeman Science:  The History of Life (6:48)

   Sec 20.2 - Earth's Early History

      Crash Course Biology:  The History of Life on Earth (14 min)

   Sec 20.3 - Evolution of Multicellular Life

   Sec 20.4 - Patterns of Evolution

      Quizlet Vocabulary Study Practice